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How much $$$ for neighbor kid to mow your lawn?

Anyone know what the going rate is (we live in a MCOL city).

I am thinking about asking a neighbor boy to mow for us, but I want to have an idea of the cost before I talk to him.

Re: How much $$$ for neighbor kid to mow your lawn?

  • Depends on the size of your lawn.
  • The kid who mows my mother's lawn charges her 25.00, she has almost an acre that needs to be mowed. My mom asked what he thought would be fair and he came up w/ 25.00, he comes by every 2 wks w/ his riding mower.
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  • Depends on the size. My husband owns a lawn and landscaping company and we're in a low to medium cost's about $35 for a 1/2 acre. Cost goes up if there are tricky things like a steep hill, pond to cut around, etc.
  • My yard is only about 1/3 acre and I pay a boy $50 to do it (my mower, his weedeater). I'm pretty sure I pay too much, but he is only 17 and his gf is preggers, so I figure he can use the money.
  • $20 for an average sized yard (less than 1/2 acre)?
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  • I just paid a neighbor kid $25 for 1/3 acre.  It takes me about an hour to mow with a push mower. 
  • Depends on a few things. Their mower and gas or yours? Size of yard. Are they edging and weedwacking?

    For our double corner lot which takes DH three hours to weedwack and mow I would say $30 using our mower and gas. I figure it would work out to about $10/hr. We paid the two kids next door $25 each ($50 total) to rake the leaves this spring.  

  • We live in a fairly HCOL, we only get our front done (we do the back ourselves)'s about 1/2 acre--$35 includes mowing, weedwhacking, edging, and blowing.  They come once a week as needed.
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