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Q about Jury Duty

You only serve on a jury in your county of residence, right?

Because DH got a jury summons from Wilco... we live in Travis. I'm assuming since we don't live there he just has to tell them and it will be dismissed, unless you can be summoned for any county. Anybody know?

I swear, living in CP in Travis county is a PITA. We don't even get to call CP PD if we have a problem, we have to call Travis County Sheriffs. And Wilco keeps trying to get us to register one car in their county, but not the others. Grr.

Re: Q about Jury Duty

  • I don't know - but if it's specific to Cedar Park, he may still qualify. I would call to find out.  I got called for Austin but officially live in Wilco but city of Austin.  You sound like you're in the weird area like I am.  I still had to report to court (and I was 8.5 months pg at the time, so they dismissed me.)  But - there are weird rules that qualify the city you live in and not the county and visa versa.
  • Hm, I didn't know it was city specific also. He took the paperwork to work with him this morning, but I don't recall it saying anything about CP just Wilco.

    Good to know!

  • I had it dismissed when I got a notice from Travis Co after I moved to Hays Co; I had already registered in Hays as well.  There was no city issue, though.
  • definitely alert the attorneys or the judge... you must live in the county to serve on the county jury-- unless he waives his exemption and neither party objects.  I had to scrap a case where we accidentally let a Wilco resident on a Travis County jury.  Case law is pretty clear about it.  I'm a prosecutor in Travis County but I think we have a Wilco prosecuting around this board too she can clear it up a little better. 

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