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SBR: My Husband Got Kicked Out of Barnes and Noble

I bought my husband Dennis Leary's Why We Suck for Christmas, in an effort to get him to understand why I love books.  If left to his own devices, he will only read books/authors that are only military-related, so I wanted him to broaden his horizon's a bit too.

He works overnight shift and when he was getting off his supervisor was on her way to bring him his paycheck.  He decided to go to the B&N next door and get a coffee.  He saw the book on the shelf and goes over to read a chapter while waiting.  He was laughing so hard they asked him to leave.  I laughed for like 5 minutes straight.  Who the heck gets kicked out of a bookstore?

Re: SBR: My Husband Got Kicked Out of Barnes and Noble

  • At least he was having a good time!
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  • Yes Classic anecdote.
  • Oh, that's funny!
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  • That is hilarious. 
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  • wow.he got kicked out for laughing..thats messed up..but very funny
  • Love it!
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  • Haha.  That's awesome.
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  • HA! That's great. Shop at Borders instead. We're more awesome and don't kick people out for having a good time shopping! Great story though!
  • Lol! At least you know he's enjoying reading!

    I can't believe he got kicked out.. it's not a library!!

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  • Ha ha! That's ridiculous!  I can't believe they kicked him out!
  • That is so funny!

    My husband got kicked out of a science-fiction/fantasy bookstore a few years ago (the kind of place where one would buy Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft...sigh...I am always trying to broaden his horizons but he just won't budge on that stuff!)  Another customer picked up some book off of the shelf and my husband told him, "I saw that book for a lot cheaper than that at this other store downtown".  The manager came over and told him that he didn't appreciate my husband "taking business away from his store" and asked him to leave and not come back!  I mean...come on!!  We joke that there is a picture of my husband on the wall there with the words "banned for life" beside it.

  • Jen748Jen748 member
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    That is hysterical!!!
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  • Awesome!  I can't even get my DH into a B&N!
  • LOL! Why can't you laugh at B & N? I would think if I saw someone laughing hysterically at a book, I would look into that book myself to see what was so funny. Good marketing!

  • B & N blows! I went there looking for some Harry Potter candy to bring to the movie premiere for my niece, and they had NO HP stuff other than the books. I asked the clerk working in the dept if I was missing the HP section or something, and she looked at me coldly and said: "No. We only have the books. That's Borders that sells all the other crap." Gee, thanks!

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  • Oh my gosh...that's horrible that they did that to him! He was laughing for crying out loud not destroying books or trying to shoplift! I hope he had a good sense of humor about it.
  • HA! ?My husband read that book and thought it was hilarious!
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