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Need some of that Nestie dust, too

Can I get in on some of that house dust, too? Our house has been on the market for a while and it is taking its toll on us emotionally. We're talking about taking it off the market, but that's a pretty depressing thought considering how much energy we've put into selling it.

To make matters worse, both my DH and my dad are scheduled for surgery next week. My DH for an outpatient procedure that shouldn't be too bad.  My dad is having a nephrectomy to (hopefully) get rid of cancer in his kidney. Everything's expected to go well and if the procedure works he won't have to have radiation or chemo, so that's good. But he's my daddy and so I'm still worried. 

Between all the health issues and the house stuff, I think I might need a little sanity dust too. I'll take it if you got it, ladies. :) Thank you. 


Re: Need some of that Nestie dust, too

  • ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Good luck all around and sanity~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
  • *~*~* House Selling Dust! *~*~*

    *~*~* Good Surgery Dust! *~*~*

    *~*~* Sanity Dust! *~*~*

    I hope everything works out for you on all accounts.  See if you can hold out just a little bit longer on the market- season isn't over yet and you may as well keep it there since you've worked to get it where it is and would have to do everything all over.

  • Oof, that is a lot to deal with. Here goes: ::house selling dust::, ::surgery-going-great for DH & dad dust::: :::Sanity dust!!!:::: I really hope your dad clears up okay with the surgery.
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  • I'm sorry you are facing some rough patches!  ***everything turns out smoothly dust***
    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • *dust dust dust and more dust!* =) Hope everything goes well with your DH's and dads surgery... I know that is scary to go through.
  • hugs and dust! ?I know what an emotional rollercoaster it is--we took our house off the market recently too. ?Hugs again. ?Hope all goes well with the health issues too!
  • tons of dust your way!


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  • You've got a lot going on right now!  Wishing you buckets of dust!
  • I hope all goes well with your DH and dad.  FWIW, my dad had his kidney removed almost 10 years ago due to kidney cancer as well.  No chemo or radiation was needed as the procedure got all of the cancer.  He has been cancer-free ever since and has had no problems dealing with only one kidney.  I'll pray your dad has the same outcome.  ((hugs))

    As for your house--hello, another Nestie I'd gladly with whom I gladly participate in a house swap!  Your house was lovely and I'm shocked you've had a hard time selling it.  Lots of good luck headed your way!!


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  • Lots of dust!
  • Sending lots of dust your way!
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  • **********  Sending you lots of dust!!!!! *********
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  • Sharing my dust with you!!!
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  • Here's some dust for everything!!  I hope it all works out!
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  • **lots of selling-house dust**

    **lots of safe surgery dust for DH**

    **lots of safe surgery dust for your Dad**

    WOW!! No one deserves this kind of drama!! I sincerely hope it all turns out well...keep us updated.

    fwiw: we took our house off the market after it being on the market for 9 months. It was THEN that we got two offers and we sold! Maybe it will work for you too...

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