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Looking for a baby bouncer

Anyone have one they are not using & would like to sell to me?! I am looking for an extra one to take on vacation. I figured I'd give her something new to look at and I don't want to get mine here at home all dirty from lugging it into the hotels & the beach.

Re: Looking for a baby bouncer

  • I have this one- it's the eddie bauer bouncette


    It has a "mosquito net" that's what I call it anyway, that zips completely over it in case you were to go camping or be outside or something. I'm not 100% sure that the vibrating/noise box works. It might just need batteries. If you're interested at all let me know. I don't use it and bought a different one for Charli. If you don't like it/aren't interested my feelings will not be hurt :o

  • Ok, it was bugging me so I checked it and the noises work but not the vibration for some reason. Of course, it could still be that it needs new batteries.
  • LOL That was the one I have been looking at OUAC!! I thought it would be great to take outside w/ the netting. Then I decided I didn't want to spend the money on it b/c I already had a nice one. It is kind of big too & I would be dragging it to the beach ... I had talked myself out of it!!

    Anyway what are you looking to sell it for?

  • lol! that's too funny!!! It is a little on the big side, but it folds flat and is pretty easy to carry in one hand when it's folded up.

    i honestly have no idea how much they usually go for used, you're probably the better judge of that. it's just sitting here though and i would love to get it out of the way. 

  • OUAC had 3 of them priced $26, $34 & $36.
  • I wasn't too far off then. I was going to say $20.
  • I'll take it for $20. :) I can either come get it or if you are out and about let me know where & I can meet you somewhere!
  • We have that one! MIL bought it for us at OUAC.  It really is nice.  We take it to the lake all the time.  It's also nice b/c it folds up flat and it also has an incline that almost goes flat or sits up.


  • Oh really? That is awesome!! I need something to fold up flat. I did buy a tent cabana thingy to keep her out of the sun when we are at the ocean so I'll just put that in there for her to sit/sleep in!! Yeah!
  • Ok!!! Umm .... tomorrow night I work, but Sunday I'm free. I can meet you somewhere no need to make you drive all the way out here!
  • Tomorrow is the only day I'm busy. My dd bday party unless it's later at night. Let me know if you are out and shopping somewhere this week. I need to go to Perrysburg at the beginning of the week. I'll be in Maumee on Monday. I need to go to BRU & Old Navy. LOL ... my husband works by Westfield so if you are out that way. Where is Max & Erma' out there?
  • Well, I work at the M&E in Sylvania. I could meet you on tuesday or wednesday? Let me know when you'll be at BRU and stuff. I don't have a problem driving out there. PB and Maumee are a little farther for me, plus I work monday night.
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