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Free Glidden paint

Has anyone NOT received there paint?????

Re: Free Glidden paint

  • I got mine, about a week ago.  Let me TELL YOU that it is NOT the color I thought it would be...looks totally different! BUT, I'll find some place to use it!!!!
  • I just called they said it takes 3-4 weeks but I ordered mine June 26th?? There system was down so I have to call back she said I should have it today but we?ll see!!

  • I just got mine last week, but my mom got me some and it got here about a month ago.
  • sc+fmsc+fm member
    Sixth Anniversary
    I haven't recieved mine either :( ?
  • I got mine but our friends ordered some (for me!) and there's hasn't come yet. And we ordered them on the same day.
  • mine came a couple weeks ago.  I haven't opened the can yet though. 
  • I called about 2 weeks ago asking about mine and the lady said that she couldn't give me any update and that it will be 3-4 weeks after the offer ended. So, it's not 3-4 weeks after you ordered it, it's after the offer ended. I think it ended July 4th. I got mine last week though.

  • sc+fmsc+fm member
    Sixth Anniversary
    Oh yah! I just got mine today :) ?but I ordered a grey-green-blue color and it's white!!! ugh ?
  • I got mine.

    I ordered one in my name and one in H's and they came 2+ weeks apart. I just figured the second one wouldn't come and gave up, but then it came.

    Hope yours does!

    Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • I got mine about three weeks after my friend got her's, and we ordered around the same time.  I did get it, but I haven't opened it yet.  The apartment in the model we looked at here was only half way done painting - so I thought there was some white space that I could use it on.  But, now all the walls are a dusty peachy color.  So, I'm not sure what to do now....
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