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Oklahoma state job test???

I applied for a State job and was accepted but I need to take a Merit Test?? Anyone know what this is?

Re: Oklahoma state job test???

  • Yep, I did this recently. Once you apply and your app is accepted, you will get an email, which is your ticket to test. Take the e-mail to the testing office in the basement of the Jim Thorpe building down by the capitol.

    What job is it for, if you don't mind me asking. I applied for a ton of jobs and took something like 4 or 5 different tests.

  • It was a admin job. I applied for 3 of them. Whats on the test.

    The word TEST scares me. I am a really bad test taker

  • Okay, a couple of mine were admin jobs, too. I thought the test was pretty easy, honestly. The way I understand the process is you take the test, and they interview something like the top ten scores. For the four tests I took, I scored anywhere from 90-95, and got called for three interviews, and got offered two jobs. So, the test is important. No pressure, right? Smile

    For an admin job, be prepared to take a typing test. The first day I went, my nails were really long and I didn't get a high enough score, I had to come back the next day and re-do the typing. I think you have to have at least 40 WPM, and they count off for mistakes.

    Anyway, there are different sections of the test. One is basic math-addition, subtraction, some percentages, fractions, etc. You get a calculator to use. Then there is spelling, grammar and usage, and reading. There is a section on basic office procedures, like filing, taking messages, time management, etc.

    I think each test I took had 90-100 questions.

    Anyway, if you have any more questions, let me know.

  • Oh hey, I used to work where you're going to take your test! It's in the basement of the Jim Thorpe Building. Oklagirl has got it right on. Just relax, do the best you can, and good luck to you!
  • image hempapotamus:

    The word TEST scares me. I am a really bad test taker

    I'm going to sound like a dork here but studies have shown that if you take a snack and drink to munch on during the test your anxiety level decreases.  I allow my anxious 3rd graders to do this and it helps them out.  So...see if you can take snacks into the test.

  • I dont know if im going to go. I really dont want a desk job right now, and I freeze on test. Im not kidding either. Bad weakness of mine. It doesnt matter what it is. It could be about cooking spagetti and I would flunk it.
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