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Rental homes

For those of you who are currently renting homes in the OKC/Norman area, where did you find the listing for those homes?

Websites? Newspapers? Or did you find them by just driving around and seeing what is out there?

Thanks for all of the help and advice. I don't know anyone in the area, so it is nice to find some support, even if it is on the interwebz!


Re: Rental homes

  • My DH and I currently renting a really nice duplex. ?We live in a neighborhood with all new construction. ?We found most of the places we looked at on Craig's list. ?That sight was very helpful. ?Let me know if you need any information. ?You can email me at taurean dot taylor at gmail dot com. ?
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  • First of all, love your siggy pic!  We have two pugs! They are the best!

    We're moving to Tulsa next week and found our rental online...but we did our fair share of Craigslist and driving around neighborhoods and calling on signs that were posted on the lawns of houses.  I think we found our house because the property manager had another listing on Craigslist and when we contacted them they had the house we ended up getting available.  They are just finishing the renovation, which is why it wasn't listed, but when my DH talked to them about our timeline, they said it would be ready by then so we jumped on it.  It's a 3 bd/1 ba/2 car house with a fenced yard and all the ammenties we need.  Plus it's pet friendly and right next to the University where DH will go to school and about 5 minutes from my new job. 

     So I would say, check out Craigslist for sure.  And property managers/realtors in the area who will know what is out there.  Good luck!

  • Thank you ladies!!

    ::Runs out of the board and onto CraigsList::

  • The classifieds in the Sunday paper are also a good source. We narrowed down what area of town we wanted to look at and used the paper to find rental properties. I also second checking with property management companies.
  • A lady by the name of Sally Vawter is the real estate agent that finds a lot of renters for the homes for rent in my neighborhood which is in NW Norman.  Her number is: 405-360-5635. 
  • DH and I have a duplex that we rent out, and in the past we have typically put it only in the paper - run the ad for a week at a time.  This winter, though, we put it on craigslist as well.  That seemed to work out the best for us in finding a renter.

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