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Living in Tulsa?

Hi everyone...my FI is moving to Tulsa later this year for school. He'll be there 2-3 years. We live in Texas.

Is Tulsa a good place to have a small wedding business? I work in the hospitality/ special event industry and was thinking in being an independent wedding coordinator.

I have a master's...so i'll get a real job if I absolutely have to..lol....but I have a nice nest egg...so I would rather try this first since I have the skills and over 5 yrs experience in the industry.

What's the wedding market like in general?




I posted this on the knot too.   

Re: Living in Tulsa?

  • llizzybllizzyb member
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    Hi Summer, I didn't want you to think everyone was ignoring your question. I think most of the board regulars live in or near Oklahoma City, not Tulsa, so not many of us are familiar with the wedding industry in Tulsa.

    Let us know if you have any other questions about moving to Oklahoma!


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  • Hi Summer!

    I live in Tulsa, but I got married in another city/state, so I don't know all the resources here, but I am familiar with wedding planning services and I've looked at a few bridal publications here.  It seems like the area is saturated with small businesses ("wedding consultants" "wedding coordinators" etc) run out of someone's home office or done part-time.  I think Tulsa could benefit from a well-marketed, forward-thinking, full-service wedding planning group (or individual to start out with), but another on-the-side coordinator... I'm not so sure how well that would go.

     The mom-and-pop business thing is very common in Tulsa in general.  I see small retail shops start up and close-down quickly here (and I've only lived here two years!).  The exception to this has been Camilles... their food isn't that great, but it's profitable and they've got a great brand statement, which many think is why they've made it here (and elsewhere since).  So, I'm kind of torn here on what to say about a small wedding coordinating venture, because I can see a strong one doing well, but obviously you have to start small, initially.

    If you've got a nice financial foundation such that you could get your name out there with a good brand statement and provide full-service wedding planning, I think it would do well.  A tip: I recommend doing everything possible to avoid sending the message that yours is another small-out-of-my-home consulting "business".  I hope this helps!

  • I am relocating to Tulsa next week...and had just launched my own boutique event planning firm here in the SF Bay Area: www.ladivinaevents.com

    It's just started to take off, so I am sad to leave it behind as we head to Tulsa.  I have taken a "real job" (related to my Master's Degree....LOL!) So I probably won't have much time to do events and weddings (unless I just do DOC stuff)...

    Anyway, I had Googled some wedding sites in Tulsa just to see what is out there.  I think there would be a market for a small boutique firm...that is more forward thinking and cutting edge.  As the pp said, there seems to be a plethora of the SAHW doing a litttle event planning on the side.  But I didn't really see much in the way of contemporary or up-to-date style wedding planners.  And I think there would be an additional market in social events, especially since debutants and sweet sixteen parties seem common there as well.  Anyway, I would suggest doing some research to find your niche.  That's what I did to start my business.  Good luck!

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