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I did go med-free.  I was hoping to go med-free anyway and obviously I didn't end up really having a choice in the end.  I will be honest and tell you that when we first got to the hospital I wasn't sure if I could do it without an epidural.  I didn't know how far I had progressed and I did not think I could continue on that way for hours more. 

My contractions were really not that bad until the very end and I think having to go through transition while riding in the car was part of why they were so bad I didn't know if I could keep handling them.  The contractions I had before my water broke were definitely painful, but nothing I couldn't breathe through.

 For me pushing was a relief (I know some say it is and some say it's worse than the contractions).  The "ring of fire" part really does burn like h*ll but the rest was not that bad.  I was able to deliver this time without tearing at all after tearing during my last delivery when I had an epidural.  I don't know if they are related or not, but my recovery has been SO much better this time.  I seriously am not sore at all down below - I have been having more problems with my back being sore!

 Sorry this is so long, but since you asked...Stick out tongue  If going all natural is something you're interested in you should definitely go for it.  It was definitely an amazing experience and I am thrilled that I was able to do it - all in all I would say I had a much better experience this time and if we were having more kids (which we're not) I would definitely go med-free again.  HTH!

Re: ***Mindy***

  • butting in to say that although I did not have a med free birth experince (I had a c-section but I had planned on going med free) I have heard similar stories.  A friend of mine had her first son with an epi and the second without and she said the 2nd was so much easier.  My mom also had an epi with me, then a drug free with my brother and then an emergency c-section with my sister and she said by far by brother was the easiest and the best recovery.  I hope to have a medfree VBAC when I get pregnant again.
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  • i will butt in here too if you don't mind :-)... i went med free with both of my boys... Keith was 14 hours of hard labor and then a crash c-section... it was bad but i would totally do it again (no the crash c-section part though!)... Conley was much easier... we weren't sure we would make it to the hospital with him... you just have to remember that transition is the hardest part... after that it doesn't get any worse! i highly recommend going to a lamaze class (a lot of people will discourage this saying they are old fashioned but trust me the at least the one at OU is very up to date)... they taught me things in there that were VERY helpful in my labor with Conley... if there is only one things i wish i had known in Keith's labor that was a life saver in Conley's it would be: don't scream! that takes all the energy away from what you are doing... i know it sounds strange but groaning puts the energy back where it needs to be and it really really helps!!!... granted Keith's whole birth was a one in a billion nightmare and Conley's was practically perfect, but i would do both of them naturally again in a heartbeat! there is just something to me about knowing what your body is doing... it's just awesome!

    on the other hand i totally understand women that get the drugs... so i am not putting anyone down... labor is really a strange scary experience! but it can be done and if you want it that way don't let ANYONE talk you out of it! :-)

  • Thanks!  Um, yeah, it scares the daylights out of me.  I really don't know if I handle pain well.  I've had 4 kidney stones that have all sent me to the ER and 2 extractions.  While I was doubled over in pain, I wasn't screaming like the guy in the room next to me (which the nurse kindlyy and sorta sarcastically told me he had a kidney stone too!) Surprise

    I'm just reminding myself that women EVERYWHERE give birth EVERYDAY and it's so natural, a women's body is made for child birth.  Although, some are made for it better than others. 

    I'm certainly contemplating going med-free.  But I don't think it's something that I'm going to go into absolutely set on med-free.  A friend of mine wanted to go med-free and she is so tired from laboring all night that she took an epi just so she could sleep for a couple of hours so she would have the energy later to sleep.  They turned it off after she woke up.  I would consider doing something like that.

    I do plan on taking lamaze classes and I've already been told from a few friends, that my dr will not let me scream!  That is uses energy.  I'm not a screamer anyway.  Thanks ladies :)

  • that's funny Mindy because the pain of a needle going into my back sacred me more then the pain of labor!  Thats a big reason I wanted to go med free!
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