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Best time to transplant a burning bush?

I have a burning bush that the previous home owners planted waaaaaay too close to the house, so it needs to be transplanted.

I am not finding this answer from google. All it says is that it is a hardy plant that is not picky about it's environment......but full sun will give it the best bright red color in fall.

I am guessing I should wait until fall to transplant it?  It is big.....about 6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide.....

Any info you can share would be helpful......thanks! 

Re: Best time to transplant a burning bush?

  • I wouldn't move it until this fall. I'm not sure what zone you are in, but I'm in the South and if you plant or move anything in this heat, it probably won't survive unless you water it like crazy. So, to be on the safe side - wait until the fall.

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  • I was thinking spring so it would have a growing season to re-establish its roots before winter?
  • Spring and Fall are generally the best time to transplant anything.  I've transplanted in both seasons with equal success.
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