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Critti & Mrsplrbare???

OK. Where's Critti and Mrsplrbare?? Have they had their babies, yet?? I'm ready to start my baby-sitting duties!
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Re: Critti & Mrsplrbare???

  • I've been wondering the same thing...Hope you ladies are doing well!
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  • Ugh... I'm still here.  Stick out tongue  Sometimes I feel like it's a good thing, sometimes bad lol.  We are getting VERY anxious.

    I'm technically not due till Monday, although the 2nd u/s said yesterday and the 1st u/s said tomorrow.  (But then 3rd said the 21st!!!)  Doc wants to get another u/s to check his weight on Monday. 

    She said we are on standby to induce on the 29th if it goes that far, but she wants to do it Memorial Day weekend if the hospital will let her, since she's on call.  He may very well end up crawling out!  Let's hope for the full moon to work!

  • Hey, so you guys did decide on the Hawaii trip?  What island(s) are you going to?  That should be near the start of whale watching season, too.  How fun!
  • Oh Marcia, how miserable! I can't believe they might make you wait that long! Maybe he'll decide to just kick out your side and emerge that way. :-) My mom swears by chinese food, so maybe you should try that. It also worked for one of my best friends.

    Yes, we decided to go to Hawaii for our 2nd anniversary in November. We're SOOOOO excited! DH has never been there. We are going to Kauai for 5 days and then back to Oahu for the last 3 so we can see Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, etc. I'm excited, but, man, oh man, is it expensive! Since I"m the money manager of the family, it makes me nauseous just thinking about it! But I know it will be worth it.

    Now if only I could just get DH to jump on the bandwagon with my baby fever............ :-) 


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  • Well, once you start babysitting my little hellian (I mean, angel with a crooked halo) that might cure your baby fever!  Who knows... maybe something will happen in Hawaii like for us when we were on vacation and hurricane Dean came around.  That was exactly 9 months ago... ;-)  I tried Chinese Saturday, and it didn't work.   Maybe there's a specific dish I'm supposed to have? 

    Yes, Hawaii is very expensive, but you just have to tell yourself it's a rare vacation and for a special occasion.  :-)

  • Just got off the phone with my doc's nurse.  Looks like if it goes to induction we'll do it on May 25th.
  • LOL! I tried to tell DH I wanted a Hawaiian baby, but he just wasn't having it! I think studying for his tests just does not let him focus on anything else. Maybe in another 6 months he'll be licensed and be more ready.

    May 25??? Girl, that 8 days after your due date! You're gonna be SOOOO ready for him to come out!

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