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Teachers- Working at a Private School??

Hello wonderful teachers! I had an interview at an amazing private school today and I am feeling confident that I may get offered the job! I am a little concerned because the headmaster wasnt  up front about how much the position pays, she told me that the salary is still being decided.

 I know private schools pay less then public schools much HOW MUCH LESS? A first year public school teacher in my area makes between 35k-40k and I am I worried that because I just got my credential I may not even GET another interview! Money isnt why I decided to become a teacher but I also want to buy a house this year!

What do you think?

Re: Teachers- Working at a Private School??

  • Take it!!! ?Teaching jobs are far and few between right now. ?BTW where are you looking? ?We are hiring in San Ramon.
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  • I am quite a distance Santa Rosa....thanks for the heads up in San Ramon though! If I get offered the position I REALLY want to take it but I am getting money pressure from my dear husband. I really LOVE sharing money(>>in a sarcastic tone<<)
  • They can vary. Is it a religious school? The archdioses can pay pretty well, with decent benefits, but there's even disparity within those. If you can get a job I would take it. YOu will have to pay to do btsa though on your own, but if it has decent benefits and is a pay check I would take it. Tell your dh that you could take this now, or end up waiting until august and stress about jobs. They pay could be less, but at least its pay, and you may be more likely to retain that job at the end of the year. I got pinkslipped as did nearly every other first year(and second year) public school teacher I know. I say take it!
  • I have an interview at a private school this week...and I was given a payscale with my application. It was pretty close to the first year teacher's in our district, so I was surprised. But the step up's are a lot less...and the benefits are definitely less too.
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  • The first year my DH taught at a small Christian school he made $30K.  And the growth rate (salary increases) are VERY small.
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