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How long do you expect furniture to last?

Or, how often do you plan to replace furniture? Specifically, living room furniture?

We bought a LR set 5 years ago, the couch and one chair are holding up fine, but one chair and the ottoman aren't looking so great.  I'm just kinda wondering what the average life expectancy of couches and chairs are and about when we should plan/think about replacements. WDYT?

Re: How long do you expect furniture to last?

  • We bought a set from Room Store about a year ago... but I am hoping it lasts 5 to 7 years.  I am already noticing that our coffee table is getting scratches and stuff in it because it is used so much!  That might be replaced before anything else.  Furniture isn't cheap... so I am hoping that we get good use out of what we have for awhile! =)
  • For something that I have paid a decent amount of money at least ten year.

    I am a little disappointed by the sofa/Ls that we got last year from Macy's. It looks fine, but not great! I had a red sofa that mistakenly sold it, because I wanted a matching set and after 5 years it still looked brand new!

  • We have an Ashley Furniture couch that we bought about four years ago, and the color is really starting to fade and the cushions aren't as plush. We also have a matching loveseat that we hardly ever use and it looks brand new. I think it really just depends on the quality of the furniture and how often you're going to use it...
  • I think it really depends on the quality of the furniture and how much you paid. Although, that said ... we paid $600 for a sofa from Rooms To Go 5 years ago and I am just praying that it dies soon! I meant for it to be temporary! Sadly, it's still in fairly good shape, especially after I cleaned it.
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    Ok. Sounds like we're about the norm. It wasn't super nice furniture or anything - sofa mart, if I remember correctly.  I'm just wondering what we should do b/c the couch (and one chir) are still fine. And I don't think it will be easy to mix and match in a single replacement chair. (yeah, this situation never occurred to me, so I'll plan better next time! lol)
  • I think if you spend money on good furniture, then your expectations should be that it lasts a very long time.  I know that my design desire has outgrown my sofa and chair before they have worn out.  They are still in great condition and I bought them in 2002.  I don't know that I thought about a number of years I wanted them to last, but I do expect it to be many, many years. 
  • The furniture we bought from Crate & Barrel and Eurway 5 years ago are all practically brand new still. Same for the Costco furniture from 4.5  years ago.

    The Ikea stuff from 10 years ago is finally starting to look a little rough.

    Loveseat from LaZBoy (4 years old) looks fine, but is not reclining well anymore. All of this stuff has been moved at least twice, some 4 times.

  • We have a leather sofa and chair that DH bought almost 10 years ago. It's nice furniture - I think he paid close to $1K for it a decade ago - and it is holding up great. We also have a microfiber rocking chair and ottoman from BRU in the living room. It is 3 years old and is showing some age, but it cleans up really well. It's DD's favorite chair though, so she is constantly trying to sneak snacks into the chair with her, which I'm sure doesn't help with the chair's appearance! We are hoping the rocking chair and ottoman will last another 3 years or so and get us through baby #2. After that, we'll likely need to either replace it or reupholster it. 

    We have cheap-o end tables from Target and a cheap wicker trunk we're using as a coffee table, and they are all pretty banged up. The trunk is 6 years old, the tables are 3 years old. They're okay for now though, so they get to stay.

  • I agree wth pp;  I think good quality furniture (good frame, cushion an spring structure, solid wood, quality of fabric, etc.) should last a very long time;  I have some pieces that my grandparents owned for years (more than 30 years) that is still in great shape.  Granted, they weren't used on a daily basis, and were covered with plastic (lol) for most of those maybe that's not a good example.  But I think if you take care of it, it should last at least ten years or so.  Our sofa and loveseat from Lack's has held up pretty well, and our chair/ottoman from Star (that DH sits in everyday to read or watch tv) had held up really well.  We don't have pets or kids yet... so that might make a difference too.
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