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Is it really monday already?

How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was ok. Sat we went down to San Diego to visit my sister at the Old Spaghetti Factory-she is now a manager there. Than we went to a family get together for my DH's family.

Sun-some yardwork and grocery shopping and just hanging out.

Last night I went to bed with a headache and woke up with a migraine. If it doesn't get any better I think I am going to go home.

Re: Is it really monday already?

  • I'm sorry you have a migraine. : ( I hope it goes away soon. I've only had one once and I was completely useless all day/night.

    Friday I photographed that charity event for the 11 year old with breast cancer. So sad but she was in great spirits.

    Saturday I met Miss Rachel (along with Irma and her DH Stick out tongue ) for a morning family session, then went home and sold baby stuff all day.

    Sunday I photographed my friends 3 day old daughter. I didn't want to put her down, I have extreme newborn fever!! : )


    Yay for a 3 day work week this week!!  Party!!!

  • I can't believe it's Monday either! I had a good weekend. DH did not as he was outside in the sun and heat all day Fri, Sat and Sunday filming. He was in such a grumpy mood yesterday when he got home and he's never like that ever. I felt bad for him.

    Other than that, Kristy and I hung out on Saturday. I didn't think it was possible, but Mary just gets cuter and cuter every time I see her. Yesterday, was a friends daughters 2nd birthday party. It was outside and it was hot! But it was fun. 


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  • Very busy/fun weekend for me! Friday night was the 80s themed party. It was alot of fun, Andy'd costume was pretty awesome - I have pics on facebook.

    Saturday the whole family did some shopping at Victoria Gardens and lunch at PF Changs. later we all went to the pool at the Mission Inn and dinner at CPK  - ILs were kind enough to watch L and two other grand kids :) We stayed out after 10:00 2 nights in a row!!

    Yesterday we just went to SuperTarget and BBQ'd. Thatfully I dont have to work until Wednesday.

  • Becki - I saw the pics yesterday! Those were some pretty awesome costumes

    I totally keep forgetting that's a 4 day work week! I really need the extra day off. It couldn't come at a better time!

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  • We had a really good weekend and I can't believe it's Monday already!  Luckily it's just a 3 day week for me, we leave for 3 days of camping on Thursday.

    Friday night was Kindercare's Parents Night Out, so C and I went to dinner at Wood Ranch in Dos Lagos and then we went home and I read until it was time to get Sarah.  I know...doesn't sound like much of a "night out" but I was so excited to read Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Just came out on Tuesday) and I KNEW I wouldn't have any other time to read it!   Stick out tongue

    Saturday we got up and went to the Coach outlet in Cabazon.  I got 2 awesome bags and C got a new wallet.  The prices were amazing!  We then went to Tiffany in Palm Desert and they were able to fix my ring on the spot!  Yay!  There was a Coach store so we went in and I was (finally) able to use my gift cards from C and got a really cute new purse!  C has DEFINITELY made up for forgetting Mother's Day!!

    Yesterday we hung out around the house and went through our camping stuff to figure out what we have and what we need.  I then went through the Sarah's clothes and took out what doesn't fit and got out a bunch of new-to-us stuff for summer.  

    Today...not much besides work and I have a doctor's appointment at first mammogram...I'm a nervous wreck about it!  

    Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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  • Lori- where are you going camping?
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  • image sweettalkin417:
    Lori- where are you going camping?

    We're meeting some Bay Area friends at a place about 30 miles east of Pismo Beach.  It should be interesting.  They all stay in their 32 foot trailer...while we have a tent...We haven't camped in 3 years!  It should be interesting!

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  • Oh, I'm sure you will have a blast! Let me know how you like that site.
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  • Good morning. I just woke up about a 1/2 hour ago. I did some serious sleeping this weekend. It was great. Saturday I spent the day with Robyn and then went home and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. I really liked it. Then yesterday I stayed in all day and was just lazy. I really want to go on a walk right now but am hesitant because it's so hot out. Can't decide.
  • Morning everyone!

    Weekend was great except for the part where I had to work at 6 am on Saturday. 

    Fri - lazy night and watched a bunch of shows on my DVR

    Sat - 5 am wake up to get to work by 6, worked until 830 then drove to Palm Springs for my friend's bachelorette party

    Sun - drove back from PS and spent the rest of the night recovering

    This morning I'm feeling a bit sick and I'm hoping it'll go away soon. Dont want to spend my bday in bed :(

  • Good morning! My weekend was good except for the broken A/C. I put in a call to our warranty rep today, so hopefully it gets fixed SOON!

    Friday, we went to CPK at Victoria Gardens and then just walked around a bit. We came home and watched The Incredible Hulk on DVD.

    Sat, we drove down to Tustin to buy a couch off a girl I knew. She originally wanted $800, but wound up selling it to us for $300 (she was moving that day and needed it gone). That was an all day affair....traffic was HORRIBLE on the 91 in both directions. My BIL came with us to help my H carry it downstairs to the truck (this girl lived on the 3rd floor!) And now we finally have a couch in our main living room and it makes our whole condo look so much better!

    Sun, the broken A/C was killing me, so we went swimming, went to Borders for 2 hours and read, ate sushi, and went swimming again. Not too exciting. :) 

  • I usually get relief from a migrane if I take 2 Exedrine and a nap.
    Friday night we stayed in and watched rented movies we watched "Eagle Eye"
    Saturday I took my lil one to his baseball end of the season party then when Jared(my husband) got home from training we took the boys and the dogs to Big Bear that was really nice! We are planning on going back this Friday since I dont have to work
    Sunday was a really sad day I woke up to a missed call on my cell that came thru about 7:30am so I called the number back and it was one of the moms from my sons baseball team, she had called to let me know that the baseball coaches baby son (he had to be about 2 or 3 years old) had died on Saturday. Im still in total shock :0( we had just been at the park with him and his family watching this lil boy trying to hurry up and drink from a soda can, before he got caught, and spilling it all down his shirt :0) it was so cute cuz you could totally tell he knew he wasnt suppose to be doing that but he was determined to drink from a can. Im having such a hard time with this
    Jared thougth it would be a good idea to get me out of the house so Sunday night after his training he took me n the boys to the drive inn, that was really sweet of him ....

  • Kat~ Sorry about the migrane. Those things suck something aweful.

    SV~That so sad about the little boy. What a horrrible thing to go through. Sad

    Our weekend was nice. It was really nice not haveing any HW to worry about. Saturday morning I got my car's oil changed and went to the Farmer's Market in redlands and got some yummy fruits and veggies. I went home and cleaned up what hadn't been cleaned from the party, and then marveled that thre was nothing else to do. So I worked out and relaxed until it was time to go out to the base. We got my brother back and went out to dinner and hung out until pretty late. Yesterday I had to come back out to the base to teach the Anger Management classes, which went pretty well I think. than I came home, worked out and relaxed. My brother came over for dinner and we just hung out.

    That's pretty much it. Very glad its a short week. We're hoping H will get Friday off too, but his bosses won't make a decision until probably last minute.Sad

  • SV that is horrible! How did the little boy die? Let us know if there's a way to make donations to the family for funeral costs.

    Noush: My favorite thing to do on Fridays after a long work week is to just lounge and watch dvr stuff. Ahh, the sweet life. Don't get to do that much anymore.

    Like Val said, Saturday morning we had family pictures taken. She has the magic touch! She was able to put Rachel down without waking her as Dh and I watched in awe!

    After our pictures we took Rachel on her first official outing to a friend's house in Mo Val. She was an angel the entire time.

    Sunday I stayed home all day and uploaded pictures and videos from my cameras onto my computer and photobucket.

    Today I need to finish laundry that I didn't get to over the weekend.

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