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Toenail fell off & summer sandals

I know this is a weird topic, but I'm a little upset about it.

My toenail fell off today (middle toe).  I've never had that happen before and I don't recall injuring it (it's not black) and it doesn't look like I have a nail fungus.

Anyway...It looks stupid with sandals and that's usually all I wear in Summer.  It looks like there might be a very thin toenail (I can't tell if it's skin or nail).  Is it going to hurt to polish it?  Do you think that would look weird if I did that?  Anyone else ever have this happen?

Why can't these things happen in Winter when I wear closed toe shoes!

Re: Toenail fell off & summer sandals

  • I would go get it checked out before you do any thing to it. My nail fell off like that not too long ago and I found out I did have a fungus (gross I know) It was not visible to me though. If there is nothing wrong I dont see why you cant just glue on a fake one or just paint over the missing toenail. I know it may look tacky, but its better than rocking flats all summer IMO! HTH!
  • Eek.  I think you should go get it checked out.  If you really want to paint whatever is left, choose a polish that is made to be strengthening, plus use a strengthening basecoat (like Essie Protein basecoat).  Good luck, I hope it grows back quickly!
  • Aside from the doc making sure you don't have any fuungus, you can put a fake one on.  The nail salon could file a fake one down and then glue it on. 
  • This happened to my sister with her big toe, although she caused it by wearing a pair of boots 2 sizes too small!!

    A little bit of nail grew back but not enough to paint, she went to a specialist to see if she could have one re-grown but they couldn't help her - so, she buys the stick-on nails for feet and paints them accordingly. Sometimes it comes off but if you're careful with the gluing and regularly check it then it would be ok :-)

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  • Yes this happened to me.  How would you like your 2 big toenails to fall off??  I was so upset!  I did not have fungus, had it tested 3 times and couldn't figure out why this happened.  Plus everytime they'd start to grow back, they'd start to lift and fall off again.  It was awful.  I was so embarrassed, I hated DH to see my feet, I'd hide them.  I felt so "gimped" up.  They were like that since last fall and I never thought they'd grow back, I resorted to the idea that I'd need toe nail transplants!  I even started buying a bunch of closed-toe shoes.... Then, finally finally finally, a couple months ago, after changing my eating habits and taking alot of vitamins and supplements, they started to grow back and they have now fully grown back strong.  I went and got a pedicure and got them all pretty again, and have bought new sandals and flip flops so YAY, I'm so happy they're back to normal again. 

    A few months ago when they hadn't fully grown back yet, I did put polish on the thin half nail and just over the nail on the skin too, and from a distance it looked fine.  If I were you though, since it's just your middle nail which is smaller, I'd put on a press-on nail in the meantime or get an acrylic put on, just for the summer, and then wait for it to grow back.  One reason I found out that this happens though is from tight shoes, especially sneakers you run in.  So you may want to look into that...

    Good luck!

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  • omg! did that hurt? hope you're okay!
  • Thanks...I feel better now!  It didn't hurt at all and I had no clue until it fell off that it was even loose.

    I think I will start taking a multi-vitamin and just paint over the area where the nail was and maybe get a fake one put on if it looks ridiculous.  I think there is a very thin nail there, but I'm not completely sure if it's skin or nail at this point.

    I usually don't wear tight shoes, nor do I run.  I have some higher heeled sandals that cause some pain in my feet, but my toes are exposed.

  • I'd either use a light/nude nailpolish until the nail grew out... or just place a bandaid over the toenail when you wear sandals.
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  • Just put a bandage on it.  No one will notice.
  • Just band-aid it in the mean time.  This happened to  my pinkie toe after wearing the cutest pumps all over manhattan for a week.  I'd so do it again! lol
  • My middle toe nail fell off from walking around in sneakers in Europe for a week ( I always wear sandals) and the lady that does my pedi glued a fake nail on it. No one could tell. Go for the fakey.

    GL and it will grow back ;-) 

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