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Q: 1/2 sheet cake from Sam's/Costco

a) Which one is better?

b) How much do they cost?

c) Do you have to order in advance?

Re: Q: 1/2 sheet cake from Sam's/Costco

  • I can't answer any of your questions, but they might have info on the website.  I know my family has been pleased with both Costco and Sam's cakes.
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    a) Which one is better? Costco

    b) How much do they cost? not really sure??  Could call

    c) Do you have to order in advance? at least 2 days....

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  • Costco
    I think around $25 or less
    Yes and no. Depends on how specific you want your cake. They always have cakes there for pick up, but I am no tsure if you can get it personalized at that point!
  • costco- 16.99 (no tax)  you have to get a filling- cheesecake, chocolate or strawberry mouse.  requires a 24 hour minimum advance order.  i have order forms scanned and saved in my computer, order them ALL.THE.TIME

    sam's- you get a choice of whipped icing or buttercream. 

    personally i like the sam's whipped icing the best.

  • Costco is much better, imo, their cakes are great! I have no idea what the cost it, I always get a ton of other stuff and don't even think to look at the price of just the cake but I don't think more than $20.
  • I've never had Sam's cakes, but Costco's are delicious!  We've also gotten a few cakes from BJ's and they are awesome too...though I think Costco may have the edge there.
  • Costco!!  Their mousse filling is the bombbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! 

     We get Sams at work...mmeh.

     They are both $25 or less.  Give them at least 2-3 days notice.

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  • i agree the mousse is good but i just love whipped icing.
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