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my dog ate a corn on the cob... help

I guess when someone threw out the corn on the cob last night they missed the garbage and my garbage "man" aka dachshund got a hold of it... I realized it only a few minutes later and he ate quite a bit of it.

Hes acting fine, pooping out corn (sorry, tmi) and eating some food... drinking water.. I called the vet to see if I should come in today or tomorrow for an x ray or not, waiting for a call back.... 

 Anyone have any corn cob stories to share? I'm sick about this. 



Re: my dog ate a corn on the cob... help

  • I don't have any recent experience with this, but to maybe put your mind at ease until you hear from the vet, I wanted to let you know that our golden retriever from when I was growing up used to eat cobs ALL THE TIME. 

     It started with her stealing them from the garbage after a cookout. After a while, we used to give them to her by choice to gnaw on and eat in the yard if we were sitting out on the porch. Always supervised, but she never had any negative side effects. She LOVED her "corn bones" lol.  Since then, I've heard that corn isn't fully digestible for dogs, but she seemed just fine.

    ETA: I don't (and won't) feed my pets corn cobs now. We didn't know any better back then, but I just wanted to share our experience with it. 

  • He ate the corn or he ate the cob?


  • He ate the cob... with some corn on it. It looked more like he chewed it like a bone and tore it up pretty good - he is pooping out corn kernels (I've been checking) and acting fine. I can't wait for the vet to call.

    I'm just nervous that he will have a bowel blockage or something. I always think the worst. And especially since it could of been helped. ugh. thanks. 

    hes only 17lbs. AND I think hes had corn cobs before.. but I dont remember how much or when.... I cant think clearly right now. :) 

  • nitalnital
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    if he ate them long enough ago that he's already pooping them out, and he's still acting normal, you're probably in the clear.  just watch him for another day or two and take him to the vet if he's acting weird.  there's not really much the vet could do right now anyway.
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  • I posted a PSA about this a few weeks ago after we had a lab in the hospital who needed emergency surgery after eating a corn cob.  He was really sick & almost didn't fully recover.

    I would keep an eye on him & if he starts to vomit or strain to poop, I would take him to your vet.   If a cob can obstruct the intestine of a 70# dog, I would think even less of it will obstruct a 17# dog.  I hope he's ok.

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  • From here on out, please be extra careful about your pup and corn cobs. They are indigestible and can cause severe damage to the intestinal tract. Call your vet if you see any of the symptoms that Vet-Tech listed.


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