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Why won't my dog let other dogs sniff her butt?

When we take her to the park she's all about sniffing other dog's butts but when they come around to sniff her's she gets all prissy and sits. If they persist, she'll growl at them. Why does she do this?  I tried to google it but didn't find any good answers.  TIA

Re: Why won't my dog let other dogs sniff her butt?

  • Well...can ya blame her? Stick out tongue
  • Nope not at all. Smile..but we're taking her in for doggie day care and I'm concerned she might be a bit uptight around the other dogs...Maybe I'm just being a nervous doggie mom.
  • It could be that she wasn't very well socialized as a puppy and doesn't know how to handle herself in these situations.

    Does the daycare do temprement evals before they let you bring her? I'd hate for her growling because she is uncomfortable to be taken the wrong way by another dog.

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  • Tomorrow is their 'interview'. They introduce the our two pups together to one of the dogs that's at the day care often. 

    That's what I'm afraid of too, that the growling would be interperted wrong, but I guess growling is growling.  When we adopted her she had been living on a farm with at least 50 other dogs, so I would think she would have been used to other dogs sniffing took as by surprise the first time we took her to the park.  First she would run but now she just sits right down on her butt. We've always been pretty close by and have just redirected her and she comes running over and leaves the other dog in her tracks. It's like she's afraid of the other dog...she almost jumps and backs away.  Meanwhile when we're at home our other dog is always up in her business and there's never been a problem.   I guess we'll see tomorrow...I just wish I knew what the problem was.....

  • I work at a dog daycare, and if the staff is trained in dog behavior, they should be able to tell what kinda growling it is.  We see many dogs who are unsure about being sniffed.

     my own dog does the same thing. She has met so many dogs that she is tired of it.  She much prefer to sniff them than be sniffed.  However, she is the meet and greet dog because i know how she'll react (not infront of owners).  I look in the other dog for interest in meeting a new dog and overall body language.

    Tell us how it goes after their first day.

  • Thanks Kat! That makes me feel better. I will definately check in tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Smile
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