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chutney vs. salsa: discuss

I always thought that chutneys were cooked, like chunkier jams/preserves. I just went to the cafeteria and the meal today is called grilled salmon with mango chutney. However their "chutney" is fresh - more like what I consider a mango salsa (though it has raisins in it too, which does make it a bit more chutney-like to me.) Anyway, I don't really care as it's all good and I enjoy both mango salsa and mango chutney, but I'm just wondering if my foodie knowledge is actually better than the chef here and if he should be calling it salsa, not chutney :) WDYT?

ETA: nm, I guess chutneys can be fresh too!


Re: chutney vs. salsa: discuss

  • I agree, salsas are fresh, chutneys are cooked, similar to jams, but with more acid (vinegar) and spice.

    ETA: Huh, western chutneys are cooked, but the more traditional ones aren't. I'm more used to chutneys with Caribbean food, so I guess that's why I thought they were cooked.

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  • Chutneys can definitely be fresh (I have a really great hari chutney recipe on my blog), but it sounds like what you had qualified more like a salsa than a chutney, since it was fresh and (presumably) chopped up in chunks. What we think of as traditional mango chutney is cooked though.
  • I thought chutney's were cooked and had more chunky pieces as opposed to salsa that was fresh with finely chopped ingredients.

  • don't they both mean "sauce?" I guess then they could go either way. (of course I always think of a jam-type item you spread on toast when I think of chutney!)
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