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Are vaccines covered by insurance?

Does anyone know if vaccines (tetanus shot and Hepatitis A in my case) are usually covered by insurance?  

I'm going to Haiti in January and started getting the necessary shots.  The doctor's office didn't bill me at the time; I figured they would send a bill later for whatever the charges may be.  I'm wondering if I'm going to see a huge bill come co-worker went to Belize and said her vaccinations cost a fortune.

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Re: Are vaccines covered by insurance?

  • Mine did in university; for just tetanus and hep a, it shouldn't be more than $100 anyway.
  • It depends on the insurance.  My old insurance didn't cover vaccines, so I took my kids to the health department to get their vaccines, it was much cheaper than paying @ the doctors office.  My new insurance covers them though, so now I just do it at the doctor's office. 
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    This is a question for your insurance company.  Different plans will offer different levels of coverage.
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  • Tetanus absolutely should.  I dunno about Hep A (I've had an unadventurous life medically, so haven't had to deal with this stuff).

    I am guessing if your dr can give you the shots in your one "well" visit/year, it should be fine.
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  • I got all my shots before going to Cancun last year.  There was one of the Hep shots that DH thought insurance wouldn't cover but I never saw a bill come through for it. 
  • My tetnus was covered.  I agree that this all varies depending on insurance.
  • Depends on your insurance.


    Back under my employer's plan, when I needed shots for a business trip, I discovered that vaccinations and things like pap smears were both considered part of the same category of coverage, and it had a maximum yearly coverage, which topped out right around the cost of an annual exam.


    I hadn't yet had my annual exam that year, so I ended up paying for the shots and getting reimbursed when I explained my concern (that an annual scheduled for later in the year would end up costing me out of pocket).



    Now I'm on Tricare, and they're all covered.  I just have to figure out when the vaccination clinic is open so I can go...  (I always forget what it's hours are.)

  • Depends on your insurance.  For us, things that are recommended even if you are in the states are covered but office visits just to get prescriptions for travel are not. For example, i went in, got a script for malaria meds and the typhoid vaccine.  Insurance covered the actual drugs but is giving me a hard time about the visit itself b/c they don't cover pre-travel visits (even though their website recommends them - they suck).  Two years ago when I went to get a tetanus booster before leaving the country, they covered it with no problem.
  • Depends on your insurance. Mine covers the mmr, dpt, polio, typhoid, yellow fever, hep a and b, japanese encephalitis, and rabies vax and malaria meds, but I work for an international organization so we have travel coverage built into our plan.

    In the US it seems uncommon for insurance to cover travel vaccinations, unless you have a really excellent plan.

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  • depends on your insurance. May or may not be covered for an adult.
  • image mxolisi:

    In the US it seems uncommon for insurance to cover travel vaccinations, unless you have a really excellent plan.

    What really irritated me about my plan was that their website said to check the CDC recs and see a doctor before travel to determine if you needed meds before travel.  So, we did that.  Got a prescription for malaria meds and an oral vaccine for typhod.  Insurance covered the meds, no problem.  But, they refused to cover the actual visit to get the prescriptions.  I don't understand telling someone to go to the doctor, paying for the meds after going to the doctor, but not paying for the actual doctor visit.  Had I gone in and asked for allergy meds in addition to the other stuff, they'd have covered it. 

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