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how big can a tick get?

I think there is a giant tick on my dog's ear. we thought it was a growth, but upon looking it up online, it looks like a giant tick. It is about the size of a chocolate covered raisin and looks kind of like that, but a lighter color.

 Could it be a tick? What the heck do I do about it? It is so nasty and I'm freaking out.

Re: how big can a tick get?

  • It could be an engorged tick, they can get pretty big. I saw one fall of off my childhood dog that was about the size of a chocolate covered almond (sticking with the candy reference). It was massive, light brown/greyish. Ick!

    I have no idea how to get them off. I have heard so many things-pull them, don't pull, smear vaseline on them, don't smear anything on them. SOrry no help there.

  • I've seen them as large as a small grape.  When they're that engorged, it shouldn't take much to get it off.  A quick grab and pull with your thumb and pointer finger should do the trick.
  • dusk42dusk42
    Ancient Membership Combo Breaker

    The most efficient/official way to pull them off is to use a pair of tweezer, grasp the tick's head right near the dog's skin, then pull slowly and steadily so that the mouthpieces come out as well as the rest of the tick.  Doing it too quickly can cause the tick to break apart and leave its head or mouth attached, which is gross and can get infected.  Then make sure you squish the tick completely, because they are hardy buggers.  

    You do not want to use any method that stresses the tick - it causes them to vomit and transmit whatever diseases it is carrying (Lyme, RMSF, etc.).  So no vaseline, burning it, squeezing it, etc.   

    This isn't the best video, but you can get the idea (and it is a big tick). 

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