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Bugs eating my Gerber daisies

What can I do? I'm not a gardener by any means. I plant a few things each year. I've never had a problem. I planted some daisies a few weeks ago & a few days later the leaves all have holes. We sprayed insect stuff but it hasn't seemed to help.

Re: Bugs eating my Gerber daisies

  • Can you tell what kind of bug? Snails/Slugs? If so there is Sluggo which is not harmful to the water supply or pets and works on them. 

    If you don't know what it is I'd get some systemic rose fertilizer and apply that and water it in. The anti-bug product goes into the plant and they don't want to eat the plant. 

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  • yes it really depends on what kind of bug is it. Then after you configure what kind of pest, then that is the time you can go to the grocery store to look for proper kind of pesticide to kill all those and protect your plant.


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