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Swollen ankles from flying?

I just got back from Mexico and have discovered that my ankles are extremely swollen. I look like I have cankles. I googled this and found that it is common after long flights. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of the swelling? It is driving me nuts. Thanks!
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Re: Swollen ankles from flying?

  • My grandma used to have this problem, particularly on long flights. I'm not sure if she still has problems with it, but I remember she used to ice her ankles and it helped. Usually within a day or so it was back to normal.
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  • I got it real bad after our return home from Rome a few weeks ago.  For me, I tried to lay on the bed with my legs & feet on the headboard.  I lasted about 20 minutes cause I was falling asleep.  But even those 20 minutes helped quite a bit.  My legs & ankles weren't so stiff the next day.
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    Drink a LOT of water and put your legs up as much as possible. ?It happens to me on flights over 5 hours. ?Best thing to do in flight is don't drink booze, wear compression socks and move your legs often.?

  • You should also take baby aspirin (81 mg) before long flights like that.  It will thin your blood out a little and keep the swelling down.
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  • Compression socks really do help...for next time!

  • My feet swelled after a recent flight.

    I was fine the next day.

    Elevate your legs.

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    Don't drink the water.
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  • I hate when that happens.  You can try to soak them in epsom salts.  Also moving around, drinking water, elevation, and exercise can help.
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  • This happens to me when I fly if I'm not careful.  Next time you fly, make sure to hydrate before and during the flight.  As for now, elevate your legs, drink lots of water and lay off the salt. 

    Good luck!

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