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DH's reaction to New Moon trailer

He just asked me if I'm sure I want to go see it w/ my girlfriends because I might need someone to hold when Jacob transforms into a wolf because that might be scary. ?LOL! ?I think he is looking for an excuse to go and see it with me. Smile
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Re: DH's reaction to New Moon trailer

  • Heh. My DH hasn't watched Twilight yet. And to be honest, I don't encourage it, because I know he'd tease me to no end. He loves to take any opportunity.

    You should totally take DH to the midnight show.

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  • MH watched it with me ... he loathes KStew but is all about the wolves . He will def. come see it with me .
  • My DH makes fun of everything Twilight with me... BUT I saw him peaking at the New Moon trailer, so when Edward said, "you will never see me again" I was like "ya, cause you run away and this is basically your only spot in the movie" So DH was all excited and said he will go see it because the wolf looked cool and my heart-throb isn't in it much....little does he know, Edward comes back ;)


  • I just watched the trailer on youtube. I've always been team Edward, but hooooooooooooly smokes! Hello jail-bait-Jake! I might switch teams!

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  • mumegsmumegs member
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    My DH said - Wow looks like they have a bigger budget for this one!! after the wolf transformation. He said he might go see it with me although I'm not going to encourage it considering he hated the first one and made fun of it the whole time.
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  • Hubs is a closet Twi-fan. He watched the movie with me - twice and he read the books. He won't go to the theater to see NM, but you betcha when it's out on dvd he'll watch it with me! :-)
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  • I'm trying to convert DH but he won't have any of it. He's seen Twilight and liked it and now laughs at me because I refused to have anything to do with Twilight for the loooongest time! lol

    Last night during the trailer he was so excited and screaming "OMG THERE'S WOLVES?!!?! HOLY SH*T! THAT'S BADASSS!" hahahahaha

  • DH would never ever admit it, but I think he secretly likes Twilight.  He went to see it twice in the theaters (without complaint) and when we got the DVD, it was HIS suggestion that we watch it.  ;-)  He never ever likes to watch movies more than once....I could probably count on one hand the movies he's seen multiple times.

    He knows he's going to see NM. 

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  • DH told me that Jacob as a wolf looks like our papillon. It made me giggle. He will totally go see it. He wanted to see Twilight before I even knew what it was.
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    DH told me that Jacob as a wolf looks like our papillon..


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