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"There is a baby, in a kennel, on the other side of the walkway..."

This was an announcement today at the dog show.  Tongue Tied

The announcer went on to mention that there were no parents nearby, but they needed to tend to their crying baby.

The walkway mentioned was a street in the show grounds that was lined on both sides with vendor booths, and set ups, and on the one side the show rings were behind the set ups.  The baby was on the other side.

I have known people whose kids crawled into the crates or expens and took naps while they were in the ring, but their children were ringside, not far away.

Re: "There is a baby, in a kennel, on the other side of the walkway..."

  • Holy crow! I can't believe that they would leave their baby in a kennel!
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • OMG, I shouldn't laugh.  OMG, I shouldn't laugh.  OMG, I shouldn't laugh.


    Holy crap, that's insane.   And screwed up.  And slightly funny in a not-at-all-funny way.

  • Fwiw, a couple of years ago at the same show (same kennel club putting on the show/same location), there was a similar announcement, but it was about dogs that were barking/

    You would think we would hear that one often at shows, but both dh and I only remember it happening at that show.


    Oh, and a few years ago at a show, a spectator saw a kid in a crate (he had gone in on his own and fallen asleep, so his mom  closed the door when she went into the ring so he wouldn't be disturbed or wander off if he woke up (although she had someone keep an eye on him), and a spectator called the police.  The police didn't do anything.

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