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Rant, vent, I'm not sure - Re: Work? ugh, bad day. (kinda long)

I need a new job, with new people -

I need my father and stepmother to take better car of theirselves and be a good influence for my brother and sister!

I tried to talk to my dad yesterday and my brother picks up the phone and tells me he was sleeping after mowing the lawn. 

I tried to call him after that and my step mom texts me that he is in the ER (for the second time this month).  Later my aunt calls to tell me he is being admitted.

Sugars: Well over 400

BP 200 over something

Heart rate at around 200

They thought he had a stroke; well, he lives in Titusville, so I have to get out of work and book it out of there - my Sis and BIL are waiting in Tampa for me so we can all go together.  

I get a hold one one girl who will cover my shift so I can go and be with my father.  I call her as soon as I find out at around 4:30.  SHE DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP UNTIL 8;30 PM!!!!!

It took her 4 hours to get from 56th street to Bearss and 275??  Are you serious?  

Meanwhile, my store manager and immediate boss gets a call that 1) her sister passed out at work and then half an hour later 2) Her sister died.

What a crazy day!  Thank God, my father has stabilized and woke up this morning and called me; he is now coherent and lucid, so I think he will be ok.  They don't know if it was a stroke, or not, but if it was he is coming out of pretty lucky. 

Re: Rant, vent, I'm not sure - Re: Work? ugh, bad day. (kinda long)

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