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Anyone know how much a new 3-ton A/C unit costs installed?

We need a new 2.5  or 3-ton a/c unit in our house (furnace is fine) both the compressor and condensor... 

Does anyone know how much this should cost to have installed? or what have you paid for your new a/c?

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Re: Anyone know how much a new 3-ton A/C unit costs installed?

  • Not sure how much this helps but we paid $3500 installed in 2003. Ductwork already there which i am sure yours is too......

    I believe that it was a 3 ton..we sold that house last year or I would check for you!

  • We paid $4,400 installed for a 2.5 ton Trane unit almost exactly a year ago.  (That was our upstairs unit.)  I'm waiting for the downstairs unit (a 3 ton) to go soon - so I'm interested to hear if much has changed over the past year.

    I'm in the Houston area, btw.

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  • Depends how energy efficient the unit is (based on the SEER rating). They range anywhere between 3-15k. There is a tax credit for some systems, 30% of the cost up to 1500.


  • I just got a quote the other day for a 3.5 ton, 13 seer unit but it includes all new duct work, new unit outside, furnace and was $5600(Texas)

  • I think we paid around $2300 for a 2.5 ton, 13 SEER unit after taxes)
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