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My apology to the GTG girls

I?m really sorry Aiden was acting that way! I swear he has never been like that at a restaurant before! I think his was just tired. I hope that?s what it was and not this new thing he will do every time we take him out to eat! Or Lauren could be right, he couldn?t handle the hotness! But at least you all got to see him happy when that little girl was there. She will always be ?the one that got away!? lol. Anyways, I?m bummed I didn?t get to talk to you ladies more! I was looking forward to the GTG! Next time I will leave Aiden at home. .  . Or just lock him in the car! j/k! I ate my food in the car then took Aiden to my MIL?s house, where he was happy as could be by the way. But I look forward to actually talking to you ladies next time!


**And if anyone needed a cure for the baby fever that?s been going around, you should have made it to the GTG. Haha.   

I love my crazy child!

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Re: My apology to the GTG girls

  • There is no need to apologize.  I'm glad that you got a chance to come by even if it wasn't for a long time.  Aiden is very cute!

    BTW...we stayed there until 10pm.

  • Stupid work! I really need a cure for the baby fever! I'm sorry Aiden was cranky! That really stinks. :(
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  • I could really use a cure, too ... or at least a temporary treatment. I'm sorry I missed it!
  • I'm totally immune!! Aiden maintained WAY better than Joey would've. He's such a cutie! I just felt bad that you didn't get to sit and enjoy your food. :(

    We'll have to do another baby GTG so the kids can run around and play. I'll try to keep Joey from sitting on anyone this time or stealing their food!

  • Aw, don't apologize! He was just tired... and overwhelmed by our beauty, like we said, haha. We'll definitely have to get together again soon!

    You're kind of right about the cure for the baby fever thing, I was getting sooooo tired just watching you with him! He was so cute though, especially when he was looking at the other baby!

  • Well, I wasn't there of course, but rest assured that all kids get antsy sometimes when they are experiencing sensory overload.  Lots of new and exciting people to meet can overwhelm a little guy or gal.  I hope you guys had fun- wish I could have been there!
  • I know I wasn't there but I'm sure everyone understood. I think our boys are at a difficult age for dining out. The other day we took Beckett out for a friend's bday dinner (it was early in the evening) and he wasn't fussy but just so squirmy, and wouldn't stay in the highchair. He nearly spilt my H's beer and did dump over a platter of chips and salsa. My cousin has a toddler close in age, and he began crying cause he was tired. This older couple was seated next to us and was just appalled and giving us dirty looks, and made a big deal about being moved. The weird thing was they had their like 5 year grandaughter with them. Was she always a perfectly behaved toddler? And the moment my cousin's son began crying, her H took him home.

    I am always so worried whenever we go out to eat that we will bother people (and when we go out with him it's family places like Chilli's) and usually people at the tables around us come up to say hi to him and tell us something like they are missing their grandkids up North and how Beckett didn't bother them at all. But I do miss the infant days when he would just sleep in his carrier the entire meal!

  • Thanks for the support girls! I did have fun while he was sleeping! Lol But next time I will def leave him home!

    I love my crazy child!

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  • Sorry I am late on this but no need to apologize. He is such a cute kid, sorry he wasn't feeling more up to the party! It was really great to meet you, even for a little while. And I am sad for Aiden and "the one that got away!" Haha!
  • I know Im really late but I had a great time and it was so nice to meet everyone! Liz, I got there just after you left, sorry I didnt get to meet you and little Aiden! Again, it was a great time :)
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