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Gross Kid Story

Just for your entertainment...and mine since I'm bored.  A couple of weeks ago I picked Imogen up from school and as I was loading her in the car I noticed a brown substance on the sleeve of her sweater.  I said to her "Please tell me that is chocolate on your sweater and not poop."  To which she responded very sheepishly "I don't know."  So I told her to smell it.  She looked at me like she thought I was insane but I told her I wasn't going to do it.  I asked "Does is smell like chocolate?"  She said "No."  Me: "Well does it smell like poop?"  Her: [again very sheepishly] "Yes."  Ew, ew, ew.  I told her to roll her sleeves up from now when she goes potty.  Ah, having small children is such a joy.

I have no idea why I was so amused by it then and am still amused by it now.  I just laughed when it happened and it still makes me smile- even though it's pretty gross.

Re: Gross Kid Story

  • Haha! I think it is hilarious that you wouldn't smell it yourself! Mothers are supposed to not be grossed out by anything, right ;)
  • LOL! Your daughter is a poopy-sleeve! Wink
  • HAHA oh no! But at least it was her own poop... I thought you were gonna say it was another kid's. Indifferent
  • LOL, memories... and I'll be there again soon!
  • LOL!!!!! I can't wait for thoes days! haha

    I love my crazy child!

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  • image blossomtg85:
    Haha! I think it is hilarious that you wouldn't smell it yourself! Mothers are supposed to not be grossed out by anything, right ;)

    Heck no I wasn't smelling it- LOL!  It's one thing when your kid is potty training and they need your helping handling their poop.  She's 5 now and perfectly capable of smelling her junk and telling me if she inadvertently smeared crap on herself!  I don't think it was another kid's poop, but who knows with Pre-schoolers.

  • I just LOL'd at work about you not smelling the poop and my co-worker asked me what I was laughing at.  I said "POOP" and his response was "Are you on that crazy website again?" hahaha!  Thats too funny
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