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Dear USPS,

Suck it.

I hear you when you say that a notice was left for us on Jan. 30th, saying that the Wii arrived. I need you to hear me when I tell you it didn't end up in our box. No, I did not think to call from Feb. 1 through now to check to see if the package, sent priority mail, had arrived.

Yes, we have already filed the insurance for the missing Wii. When the money arrives, I will leave a notice with your neighbors. If you find that notice and call me everyday for 4 months, I will take out the 20 bucks my MIL paid you and send back $280. I'll be sure to send it express, so be on the look out for your check around September.




Re: Dear USPS,

  • Ugh, that sucks. ?So I'm a little confused still, did you get the Wii or not?!
  • Yeah. I got the Wii, which is awesome. I am very very very happy. But, while I was there, I asked the lady how I would go about getting the difference between the 20 bucks my MIL paid to send it express (or priority or whatever it's called) and the 5.00 or whatever she could have paid if she knew it would take 4 months to get to us.

    1. They said that priority isn't guaranteed.  Cool, I get that, but if you advertise it as 2-3 days on average, I'd LOVE to know how many 1 day deliveries you needed to make to cancel out the 4 month delivery to my house.

    2. They said they left a notice in my mailbox on Jan 30. Again, that's cool, I'm tellin' ya, I didn't end up in my box. Perhaps a neighbor got it instead (as is OFTEN the case in this neighborhood).

    3. I asked why it took 3 1/2 months to get a second notice and she responded that I should have called to see if it had arrived. I called a few days after my MIL said that she had mailed it and it wasn't there. I didn't think it was my job to call them every day (or even every week). Maybe I'll start doing that, though. "Hey, this is MC, you have any packages for me." That would be a good way to start EVERYONE'S morning.


    So, that's cool. Truly, when the check arrives for the "missing Wii" I'll mail it back. After I've kept it in my bank acct. for a few months.  

  • Be sure and invest it in a high yield account for awhile before you send it back. Maybe you can make MIL's $20 back.  :)


    I'm glad you finally got the Wii!


    We had a similar situation with a new motor for Babytaffy's swing.  We have a PO Box, so it's even easier for them to put notices in boxes. But somehow they didn't give us the notice.  After a week of no motor (and a screaming baby who missed his swing), the company sent us a new one FedEx to the house.  Four months later, the post office gave us our second reminder to pick up the 1st motor.  They wondered why we hadn't gotten in on any of the daily trips we made there and were sick of having to step around the box in the back.  Um, because you never told us it was there in the first place?  And when we did ask, you said you didn't have it. 

  • But your "n" works.
  • That is ridiculous. The post office should be able to get addresses correct. Isn't that kind of like, their job?

     Glad you got it back though.

  • Oh I love USPS too! We have one of those community mail boxes that is teeny tiny. Well sometimes even 1 days worth of mail won't fit (because of all the crap I don't want!) and some days I get nothing ... so I have to check it every day. Once I missed the mail one day and they pulled all my mail and took it back to the post office. According to them they left a notice of "box full" but I never got one, I just assumed we had no mail. Well when something important went missing in the mail, the sender got it back 6 weeks later. I argued with USPS forever about this and they were so rude. Now every day I don't have any mail I wonder if I really did and I should go to the post office .... SIGH.

    Also, when we bought our house we just got one mail key from the orginal owners. We asked the post office for another key and they said it would cost $50 and that it was illigal to make copies elsewhere! Ha, I hope I'm not admitting to a federal crime or something, but I went to Lowe's and had a copy made for $2. Wink

    That is just the beginning of my USPS woas...

  • I'm calling for a national boycott. Starting w. the Austin board. If you have any packages, let me know. I'll walk them to your desired location. I'll go pony express style. Whatev.

     And yes, Rosie, my n taunts me like that.

  • uh - i hate the post office so much.  i think im allergic.  i have a hard time getting my body to physically even show up at a post office and then once im there 99.9% of the time i have some sort of horrible experience (like the time a guy in line behind me tried to tell me that he has aliens as house guests on a regular basis and that we wouldn't have had the industrial revolution if it wasnt for aliens showing our government how to do things!).
  • Since we're bragging on the USPS...One day I went in to track a package I sent certified mail because the recipient hadn't gotten it yet.  When I talked to the post office guy he said, "Did you ask them to scan the certified mail package?"  Me, "No, I didn't think I had to."  Him, "Yes you do."  Me, "I thought you did that with every package.  Isn't that why the bar code is on it?"  Him, "Ma'am, do you know how long it would take us if we scanned every certified mailing that came through here?"  DUDE IT'S YOUR EFFING JOB. 

    1st Moral of the story:  Tell them to scan your certified mail if you want it tracked. 

    2nd Moral of the story:  Use FedEx.  Better yet, use MC's modern-day pony express.

  • Ooh, ooh!  I wanna play!!

    I live on a cul-de-sac street = little/no street parking available. 

    Last summer, we were getting some new landscaping done on our yard.  The guys had a pretty big trailer that they used to haul plants, dirt, etc.  They parked in our driveway, but due to the length of their truck/trailer/etc, it would stick out into the street a little bit.

    Several days/weeks went by and we didn't get any mail.  None.  We thought that was strange, and called the post office.  They said that if mail was being held for us, they would leave a notice in our box.  We didn't have a notice, so we just assumed we weren't getting any mail.

    A couple days later, we got a notice in our mailbox that our mail had been held @ the post office because we had a vehicle blocking our mailbox and it was too dangerous for the mailman to get out to depost our mail.....but it wasn't too dangerous for him to get out and depost a notice in our mailbox. 

    Got it.  That makes perfect sense.  Two-thumbs up.  YesYes

  • email I need two pony expresses: one to Idaho and one to Oregon, please! email

    It is sad that their prices keep going up and it always feels like service is going down.  Rural is worse- their delivery guys are contract.  I used have to take my neighbor's insulin deliveries over to his house all the time.  : /  And when we oh so thankfully moved into Austin district, there was a lady in line with us saying the post office refused to ackowledge her legal, on the driver's license, lived there for five years w/ electricity, address. Indifferent

  • Oh, Lawdy, don't get me stawted on the post office!!!  Too late, here goes:

    My most recent story includes a package my DH ordered online, of a natural cleaning product.  Yeah, the package was left in the big (package) box at our bank of mailboxes - SMASHED ALL TO HELL, THE CLEANER BOTTLE BROKEN AND LEAKING EVERYWHERE!!  WTF???  And they deliver it that way?  How do they know it's not toxic?  Oh, yeah, and it was stamped with a message saying the USPS received it in that condition, but it didn't say WHICH USPO received it that way, so basically made it look like they received it like that from the sender.  Whatev.

    So, being the bitchy pregnant lady that I am  Angry, I proceed to my local post office, wet, damaged, leaky package in hand and raise some holy hell.  I am told that "well, you know, you're talking about 60-70-80 lb boxes being hauled around back there and yeah, stuff gets crushed.  But we're required to deliver it". 

    Okay, 1) Maybe you make sure your people have a little more common sense then to throw a 60+-lb box on top of the little 2 lb box, cause ya know, it could crush and break stuff in it!  And 2) Why are you required to deliver an obviously damaged, unusable product?  who in their right mind wants to receive an obviously damaged product??  And 3), what if that liquid was poisonous - you really have your employees handling crap like that, not knowing what it could be?  What's so hard about putting a notice in my box saying the package was damaged, and it's at such-n-such post office if I'd like to see it to determine if I still want it or something like that?  Needless to say that guy got tired of listening to my rant, so he sent his supervisor to deal with me.  She was no help either. 

    See, I told you not to get me started!  I'll save my other fun stories for our next "bash the USPS" post!!

  • devil's advocate here, but our postal system is WAAAAY better than it is in other countries, where it is easily twice as more expensive if not more and your success of getting something delivered is probably half.

    And if there's anything valuable in that package, you better believe it'll get stolen and you'll never see it again OR get $$ back for the value of the item.

    Okay, sorry, I just felt obligated to say that.  Vent away now that my little interlude is over.

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  • image cia:

    devil's advocate here, but our postal system is WAAAAY better than it is in other countries, where it is easily twice as more expensive if not more and your success of getting something delivered is probably half.

    I'll agree that's it's way better than SOME other countries, but all I can compare it to is Ireland and England. Where, when I lived there, the mail was delivered to your door before you left for work each morning. Granted, England is the size of North Carolina, but the postal workers were out walking door to door, not driving a truck and stopping once on each street to dump all the mail. 

     Honestly (and I'm not trying to get all political here), but it's when I see agencies that the gov't runs, as compared to privately owned comparable agencies (in this case, FedEx, UPS, etc), I shudder at what could potentially happen with National Health Care and other proposed areas where the gov't would take over.

    Way to open THAT can of worms, CIA (kidding). I do appreciate that we have it a lot better than many other places.

  • I'm not going near the can of worms.

    And I totally feel you on the missing notice.  I have had many a frustration with the postal service myself.  I'm just sayin', I've used many other postal services as well, and ours is pretty darn good.

    I remember paying $50+ to send 16 letters from Peru the last time I was there. (That's over $3/letter.)  <.5 oz, normal sized, snail mail letters.  If they weren't thank you notes that NEEDED to go out before I disappeared from the face of the earth for 3 months, I would have said shove it.  And I had to put 3 stamps on each envelope, lick them all, and pray that they actually stuck, since there wasn't enough adhesive for the corners to not peel up.  Makes our .84 self-adhesive international postage look like chump change.

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  • Mcurban: You did NOT just bring up government run health care on a board of young idealist/pregnant women? LOL
  • image SaraLouiseBride08:
    Mcurban: You did NOT just bring up government run health care on a board of young idealist/pregnant women? LOL

     I know, I know...I'll be hiding under my bed for the rest of the day if anyone needs me.

  • Hahaha. Hey, it's been one of those days ... want any company under there?
  • I'm game!  Can I take a nap under the bed, too?
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