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Airbrush tanning or spray?

I need to do something for my SILs wedding next month, but I've never done any of the 2- airbrush or spary tanning like Mystic Tan.

I've heard some only get airbrushed by a person and others do the Mystic Tanning.  I'm worried about being too dark or orange, I'm very fair skinned.

Is there a way I can test one?  Like can they spray a little place on my arm or something so I can see what color it comes out on me?

Anyone have any recommendations on who does the airbrushing?  I don't care about cost, I'll probably only be doing this once.


Re: Airbrush tanning or spray?

  • I did the mystic tan before my wedding and it turned out great. You have seen me before (I am pretty darn white)!! Big Smile

    I did mine in Houston so I am no help as far as places!

  • I've done the Mystic Tan several times and even for my wedding and it was great. If it's not sprayed evenly like my legs or something it would be darker but usually the second day is the best as far as color.

    I went to Palm Beach Tan to have it done and they have little touch up kits you can buy. They might be willing to just use one to spray a spot and you see how it works. Really I don't think you'd have a problem though. I'm extremely white and I don't turn orange.

    You could always try it on a Friday and have it over the weekend if you worried what you'll look like for work. It wears off in less than a week if you don't keep it up. Can't remember the exact duration though.

    Good luck!

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  • If you're not into DIY, MysticTan is fine.  You can tell them to give you the lightest setting possible so it doesn't come out too dark.  I've never had a problem with it coming out too orange-y....just be patient and do it gradually.

    If you want DIY, I recommend the Neutrogena super fine mist spray.  I do it myself every couple days and feel like it's a very natrual looking color.  Sometimes it gets a little streak-y on the backside of my arms if I'm in a hurry, but the color is so mild and it fades out in a couple days so I don't ever worry about it looking "weird."

    Whatever you decide, I would recommend trying something now to get a feel for how it will turn out.  If you decide to go with MysticTan, get it done 4-5 days before the wedding so the color will have time to develop and even out (during your showers, etc.) in case it comes out a little "funky."

  • I've had really good results with Mystic Tan.  I know there are people out there who hate it, but it works great on my skin.  One warning to consider now that the girls may have grown from being PG - my best friend has DD cups and she said whenever she when in for Mystic tan she got these half moon shaped areas underneath the girls that didn't get the spray.
  • I am whiiiiite.  Seriously, I'm ghostly.

    I've done mystic tan in the past, and it's worked great for me.  The last time I went, there were 3 levels:  light, medium & dark.  I was feeling bold, so I went for medium.  I wasn't orange or streaky at all--it looked totally natural.  Well, natural if I was a person who could get/maintain a tan. 

    Advice:  exfoliate & shower right before you go.  Don't apply any lotion.  At the place, they'll tell you to apply blocking lotion before you get in.  Do this.  Rub it in well on your hands (knuckles & cuticles esp.), feet (ankles), elbows.  I even gave my knees a very light coat.  If you don't use this, the spray will build up there and look like dirt.  Also, when you're in the booth, make your hands into loose fists for half the time.  Keeps the palms from getting too saturated.

    I wore an old bathing suit bottoms when I went in.  I don't need a tan bottom!  (And, I was paranoid about getting the spray in other possible sensitive areas. Embarrassed )  I also wore loose-fitting clothing in dark colors because I was paranoid about the possibility of getting something white stained.

    They recommend you don't shower until the next day.  Plan accordingly.  The "tan" gradually faded over about 5 days for me.

  • I have a mystic tan membership that I never remember to use but when I do use it I'm very happy with the results.  If you keep it to a minimum - once or twice a week - you won't turn orange. 

    Before my wedding I got airbrush tanned at the spa and it was like that episode of Absolutely Fabulous and the girl doing the tanning couldn't figure out why I thought it was so funny.

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