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Lack Shelves from Ikea..what screws do I get?

We need to put these up today....I forgot to pick some up at Ikea....if they were even availabe there.
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Re: Lack Shelves from Ikea..what screws do I get?

  • Those are the ones that mount flush up against the wall without external hardware, right? I have those... they come with screws, I think they were taped onto the shelves in a baggie.

    these are the ones ...I could have sworn....there weren't any

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  • Hmm.. I'd double check if I were you.. sometimes they put the screws in hard to find places... but I'm 99.99% sure they included the screws with ours (as they do with all the furniture I'm pretty sure). If you can't find them, I'm sure you can just go back and they will give them to you.
  • For anyone else that might need this info....found this blog that writes about it.

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  • I would recommend getting some really strong dry wall screws.  The way the holes are placed we had a really hard time trying to hang it on studs, and the drywall screws we used weren't strong enough-- it started to sag after a while.  Get the screws that pop open when you insert them.
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  • Ikea doesn't provide screws because they don't know what you'll be screwing into.

    I bought some drywall/wood anchors. They screw into the wall and then you screw the screw into them. It was easy...I just bought a 15 pack of them at Menards, they have different ones for different weights - depending on what you are going to put on the shelves when they are hung up.

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