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open letter to my toaster oven

Dear Toaster Oven,

First, you suck. You burn my eggo waffles every freaking day no matter what setting I put you on! I have a baby now...I don't have time to watch you to make sure you don't burn my eggo. Also, you are the slowest of the slow. Why does it take you 6 minutes to toast an stupid english muffin??

I had such high hopes for you--you are from Williams-Sonoma, you have lots of fancy buttons, and you're all shiny and look so nice on my countertop. But you suck and if I still had the box and receipt, I'd send you back. You better shape up or I just might throw you out and replace you with something from Wal-Mart!


Your owner who is currently eating a burnt, blueberry eggo

Re: open letter to my toaster oven

  • ::waves box menacingly at bh's toaster::

    Shape up or else....

  • I have a love/hate realtionship with our toaster oven. I want a toaster oven for a variety of reasons, ours, as a general rule, drives me crazy.

    We bought an inexpensive one from Target and I've been wondering if we should get a more expensive one. Sounds like that won't help. Bummer.

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Angry to bad toaster ovens! We also have one that sucks and either burns or undercooks everything (sometimes both at the same time). We got it as a housewarming gift from relatives so felt too guilty to dump it, but I think the statute of living with suckiness has reached its limitations. Sorry to hear the expensive WS one is no better.
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