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Ladybug themed first birthday party: menu ideas?

It's basically a BBQ in our yard. We have about 30 people on the invite list- all family. 

I don't want to do the usual stuff -burgers/dogs.  I want to keep it easy for me on the day- don't mind lots of pre-cooking etc.


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Re: Ladybug themed first birthday party: menu ideas?

  • how about a big salad of greens, tomato, cucumber, olives, shredded cheddar or mozz. - Steak & Chicken Kabobs (can be cut & marinaded days before and then thrown on the grill the day of... Corn on the cob - a pasta salad

  • You HAVE to do a ladybug cake Smile, I'm assuming the ladybug theme means you've probably already thought of that - there are tons of good recipes online if you google it, (saw one for ladybug cupcakes - cute!!), but here is a good simple one: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ladybug-cake-recipe/index.html.

    Also, if you have a grill wok or vegetable grill pan - I make grilled vegetables all the time that get RAVE reviews, and they are ridiculously simple.  I cut up red peppers, onions, yellow squash and zucchini in big chunks (you can do this a day ahead), then an hour or so before the grill, mix the veggies with half olive oil, half balsamic vinegar, and salt and seasoned pepper (or grill seasoning if you don't have seasoned pepper).  Then just throw them on the grill wok, you can cook them as little or much as you like.  People always DEVOUR these and they are so easy. 

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  • We did a big BBQ last summer for the 4th/my birthday/housewarming and had around 100 guests.

    I'm guessing you don't want someone having to grill during the entire party?

    I made pulled pork BBQ and pulled chicken (because several guest didn't eat pork and I wanted people to have an option). I made it the day before - then re-heated it the next day with a little bit of water and BBQ sauce. I then placed it in a chafing dish (you can buy the cheap disposable ones) and served it with Silver Dollar Rolls from Sams Club ($4 for 48 rolls - I bought 5 bags because they are small). You can buy a pan of BBQ and just pick it up an hour before the party - it's not very expensive.

    Sam's also sells a 100 pack of hot dogs for about $13 - I bought all beef. I didn't want anyone at the grill so I put a little bit of water in a big pan and covered it with foil - put it in the oven for an hour (because they were frozen) and then put the pan in a chafing dish.

    I also made pasta and potato salad - had a veggie and fruit tray - cupcakes and cookies for dessert.

    I made pink lemonade and sweet tea - the signature beverage was margarita's (the party was pink and green, so the lemonade and margarita's fit the theme. I just made a HUGE batch of margarita mix (I made it with limeade, fresh limes and oranges - plus added a little green food coloring to make it GREEN). I don't know if you are going to serve alcohol, but it was great and then we just bought beer and a few bottles of wine (but everyone knows I love wine and I got a bottle from just about everyone).

    It was really great - everyone loved the food and everything was done before the first guest arrived.
  • :ladybug" is one of the theme ideas I was thinking about for my daughter's birthday this year. Here's some ideas I saw online:


    also, for the first bday last year, mid sumemr - i ordered deli platters of sandwiches. It was too hot to stand over a grill, and i wanted to enjoyt he party too. We did some salads - green mixed, potato, macaroni, cole slaw - and lots of chips, assorted drinks, cake and cookies for dessert. I think I also pre-made a huge pasta-veggie salad that day before.

    have you ever seen "dirt" cakes? this could be cute too, with some ladybugs on top: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/dirt-cake-i/Photo-Gallery.aspx

    did you want all food to be themed?

  • Cute idea! Are there going to be other little ones there? Maybe make a few black and red tulle skirts or wings (for the girls) and black antenna things (for the boys) would be a fun.
  • I don't think the boys would be into wearing antenna.  There are NO other girls, but I just love the bug costume idea.  Saving that idea for later!

    I will check out the website for ideas.

    I don't need ladybug themed food.  I am just so bored with the same foods and I guess I am looking for some new ideas.  Its actually going to be upwards of 45-50 people, but either way I don't mind grilling on the actual day.

    Thanks for the ideas.


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  • Oh what a time to be had and you will most likely have it for the baby because it is wonderful and fun. There are many ideas to choose from all of which happen outdoors and all of which require a good time for the final result you know and of course ladybugs are my favorite but it is also a good thing to protect yourself from bugs and sunburn. Good luck and keep us posted!
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