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Lurker Intro.. Everyone come in!


Re: Lurker Intro.. Everyone come in!

  • Hi I'm 22 and my DH is 25 we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in November. I am a bank teller working my way up, looking at starting school this fall. My DH is in Oil and Gas production. We have a mini weiner dog that is our baby, but we are TTC, hoping for a plus sign soon!


    Anyone looking for a part time job the bank I work for has several branches including the one I work for that are short staffed and we're always looking. If you go to intrust.com and look at the bottom it says career opportunities...click and apply! Tell them Heidi Turner referred you!

  • I'm Staci and I am 29. I have been married since November 2006. I post on the OK board every once in awhile.  I can usually be found on the TIP board - we don't have any TIP of our own.......but I love to read all the drama everyone else has (I watched too many soap operas in daycare when I was growing up!).  I have a hubby in law school - he graduates in one year!  Yeah!  We really enjoy traveling, cooking (I love to have dinner parties!), and playing with our two furbaby kitties, Lilli and Drools.  I am a CPA and work in public accounting. 

    Engaged and Underage - I am curious...where do you go to school?  Do you plan to meet the requirements to sit for the CPA exam??  (Sorry - I am constantly in recruitment mode.....)

  • Hello!  My name is Elizabeth.  I'm a lawyer -and I'm still missing the law school days when I was able to post and read more on the Nest.  DH & I have been married over 3 years.   I enjoy planning vacations, cooking, entertaining, and volunteering. 
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  • Alrighty.  I'm 23 and in school at OU finishing up my undergrad (finally) in psychology.  Right now I'm applying to UCO's counseling program, planning on eventually becoming an LPC. Studying for the GRE is eating my life, let me tell you.  My husband and I just moved back to OKC from Norman, into our first house which has been fantastic. We're planning on starting a family in 2-3 years, but for now we're having a good time being newlyweds and spoiling our 6-month-old puppy, Ava.  
  • I'm Andrea. I've been married for 2 years in June. We recently built a home to move closer to civilization. I am currently trying to figure out what I want to be when I "grow" up. In the mean time the only kids we have is our 2 cats, Roxy and Lola. I am also on the hunt for a dog, but cannot make up my mind what I want.
  • Hi - my name is Kim and I just turned 25 yesterday.  I'm originally from Oklahoma so I still like to come over to this board to be informed.  My husband and I got married in June 2005 - almost 3 years!!! in Oklahoma.  Then in July we moved out here to Nashville so Anthony could work on his masters at Vanderbilt.  He graduated last May and is now a junior high teacher at a private Catholic school.  In February we found out he was accepted by Princeton Theological Seminary to work on his PhD this fall.  So we're heading even further away to New Jersey!

    I'm a full-time nanny of a 7 month old boy and I also have started my own photography business (check out my blog for pictures and if you are interested, maybe we can arrange a meetup in Oklahoma this summer when we come back for a few weeks!)

    Other than checking in on this board and the TN local board, I hang out on the Nest Book Club board.  I'm a book junkie.  I actually don't spend much time on the nest as I'm always on photography forums trying to learn more about improving my skills. 

  • I'm Susan. My husband and I got married in June 2007, and we live in OKC. I currently attend grad school at OU, getting my master's in library and information studies. When I graduate, I hope to be a reference librarian at a large unversity library. No kids yet, they aren't really on the radar for a couple more years. We do have two dogs: Boomer, a shih tzu, and Switzer, a mini schnauzer.
  • I'm not a lurker either, but I'm 26 and live in Tulsa.  DH and I were married a year ago in May. :)
  • Hi Everyone I'm Tiya and I'm 27.  We were married last year on May 6th.  Hard to believe it's almost been a year.  We have serious baby fever especially since my gorgeous sister-in-law jonassoonergal just had her beautiful little girl.  We are waiting but it is super tough. 

    I am a surgical rep here in the state.  I love, LOVE my job.  We moved to Norman last year and love it.


  • I'm a total lurker! I haven't posted on this board in ages, but my local board is lame and I remember a few of you from the knot. :) I'm Angela, I'm 28 and have been married since November 2006. We moved to Arkansas  in January 2007 and have been here since. I'm not crazy about the state but at least I'm only 2 hours from friends & family in Tulsa!
  • I live in San Jose, CA with my DH and our furbabies (PIB)....we want to relocate to Tulsa and may do so this summer.  I have a job interview there on May 9th so keep your fingers crossed for us!  If I get this job, our lives would change dramatically, but hopefully in a good way.  The cost of living is just too high in CA for us to accomplish our goals of buying a home and starting a family...

    I hope to post here more often!

  • Hi! I'm Alexis, and I'm late as usual! I'm 26, and I will eventually (mind you, that is a very loose eventually) graduate from nursing school! I work at Children's in the ER and I love it! DH is active duty AirForce, which is why we are in Ok. He eventually wants to go to law school. Maybe... We are both from New Mexico. My hubby and I got married in Sept 2006, and moved into our first house in Oct 2006. I still have yet to paint or landscape, but I'm working on that! We have a Boston terrier named Kona and a basset hound named Bocephus (Bo' ) that we rescued. Bo is in big trouble today... he ate my cell phone. Yes... ate it! I have serious baby fever, but the hub still cringes a little! So, we are waiting! We experienced our first deployment this year, and it went well, so we're prepared for the big long one in January coming up. So, that's us in a nutshell!
    The length of a minute depends on which side of the bathroom door you are standing on! Photobucket
    What do you mean that's the wrong side? Tastes great to me!

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  • My turn!!!  I'm a few days late..but here it goes.....My name is Jen, I'm 24, I'm a semi-lurker and I'm always on the D&R board. My DH and I live in Mustang.   I work in Edmond at a Diagnostic Breast Imaging facility and my DH works at Tinker.  I'm currently attending UCO and DH will graduate in October (Finally!).  No kids yet...although we talk about it all of the time...we're trying to sell our home (we definitely need more space).  We have two beagles...Bailey and Cooper.  We love cooking, hanging out with friends and family, and we're trying to get back into working out.

  • Well, I'm Kayla. I'm a total lurker. I look around many of the boards a lot, but rarely post. Maybe that will change. I'm 21, my husband and I got married last September. He's a welder, I work for a medical billing company. No kids, however, our dog just had puppies! And they do cry all night! She's a Jack Russell named Maggie and she has 7 little ones. They are 3 weeks old today. If anyone's interested, we're selling them for $100. We have another dog, also, named Cache. But he's big and stays outside. Maggie is my true baby.
  • Hey everyone...?


    I'm 27, almost 28 and a family/criminal law lawyer. I do a lot of adoptions, criminal stuff, juvenile delinquent matters, and yes, even divorces. ?

    ?So, I'm not actually married (again) YET, but I prefer wasting time on the Nest versus the Knot because I get sick of hearing people rant about how little tiny details are going to ruin their whole wedding day. The Nest is a little bit more where I am personally - all about babies and houses!! ?I remember quite a few of you from the Knot when I was preparing for the event-that-shall-not-be-named #1 (which ended in divorce several months later due to domestic violence... PSA... I say this because no one ever talks about it, everyone thinks that abuse/DV only happens to poor, uneducated people. I'm a lawyer. It happened to me and I see it happening to other people like me every day. There's people, places, and agencies that can help ).?

    ?I'm engaged now to a wonderful man named Colin and we're getting married in September. We have a house together and are planning on TTC after the wedding.??

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