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Lurker Intro.. Everyone come in!

Hello OKC ladies! Normally I lurk on the OKC board,but it never seems as busy as the other boards. Now that the new board is in place I can tell that a lot of people look at posts, but not very many people reply.

So... why doesnt everyone "introduce" themselves, even if you've been around for a long time? Who knows, maybe the OKC board can become a busy board.

I'll go first with the intro- I am 22 and go to school in Oklahoma. I got married back in September and will graduate with my communications degree this December. I dont have any kids and hope not to have any for a while. I mostly lurk on the money matters board. I hope to get to know everyone!


Re: Lurker Intro.. Everyone come in!

  • Ok, I'll bite.

    I am 28, work in the dental field, we'll be married a year in June.  Yikes!  We have a furbaby, but no kids yet. I want them anytime, but my husband is going through some medical issues-so as soon as he's given the "all's good"-he better be ready!  haha.  I mostly post on D&R and recently have started lurking on Health and Fitness. 

    Yea, I am amazed by all the lurkers I see on here, now that we have the new format-who knew?

  • Hey there...I am 23. DH and i just moved to Oklahoma back in December. We both work the same company. I am a clerical person and he is a outside salesperson. We are currently TTC. This is our third month. We have a little corgi named Molly and she is pretty much spoiled.
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  • ami- good luck TTC. I looked at your baby names and they are all so cute! I would have a hard time picking. I moved to Oklahoma a few years ago and am still getting adjusted.

    ferfer- i lurk on the D&R board sometimes... those girls are amazing! We dont plan on staying in the town we live in very long because of school, but once we have "grown up" jobs and a house, I hope mine is as pretty as the D&R homes. And some are so organized!

  • Hi, I'm BsNakedlady.  I'm 25 and a full time grad student.  I came to OK for undergrad, met DH, and he made me stay.  I live in OKC and have no children nor pets, yet :(  I've lived here for almost 2 years, but still feel I don't know much about the city and get lost while driving.  So forgive me if I ask silly questions.  I spend most of my time on money matters.

  • I'm 24 and DH and I have been married for just over 4 years.  We have a DS who is 11 months old today and I mostly stay at home with him.  We started  TTC again in October but it hasn't happened for us yet.  We are hopeful though.  We have an outside dog and an outside cat and we spend most of our "free" time remodeling our house.
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  • I'm definitely not a lurker... I probably post and comment too much, haha! DH have lived in OKC our whole lives. He works for Tate Publishing in Mustang and I'm in school for massage therapy. We just found out we're pregnant! It was a total surprise, but we're so excited! I'm on the OK Newlywed board and 1st Trimester board on the nest baby.?

    ?Also, DH and I never miss American Idol. :-P?haha

  • Hi...DH and I have lived in OK our whole lives. I'm literally an "Okie from Muskogee" (born, not raised there) and we grew up in a small town. Right now we live near Tulsa, but hope to be moving to the city soon. DH and I are both?19 (feel free to judge away) and we've been married since July. I'm going to school to become an accountant and DH works as a lawn technician for a fertilizing company. As for the nest, I mainly stick to E08 - as you can probably tell from my sig - and then lurk on random other boards.


    Congrats to all the pregnant OK nesties! No kids for us for a long, long, long time. No pets either, but we're hoping to get a cat once we move into an apartment that allows them.

  • Hi.  I'm definately not a lurker on the Oklahoma board, but I'll introduce myself anyway.  I'm 27, an Architect, and about to be a mommy!  Baby plrbare (short for polarbear, btw) is due May 17, and as of Tuesday is measuring at May 13.  He'll be here before we know it!!! 

    I was born and raised in OKC, but moved away for four years - spent a year in NC and three in MN.  Went to OU, and graduated in 2004.  I cannot believe I've been out of school 4 years already! 

    Other than the boy on the way, we have a spoiled brat of a dog who is treated like a baby.  She's half beagle, half boxer, 100% pain in the rear... but she is our baby and we love her dearly.     

  • Well, I go through spurts. Sometimes I lurk here, and then I stay away for months. :)

     I'm 23, I live in Kansas, but right on the OK border. I have 3 kids, so I'm a pretty busy lady. :)

  • I'm Lauren, 22, married my husband in December. We're both OU graduates. He's in the medical field and I work in public relations. We live in the OKC area. No kids, but we have a mini australian shepherd that is practically our child! I mainly post on What's Cooking and just check the local board every now and then.
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  • Hi to all!  Not a lurker, but here is my info.  My DH and I live in OKC and graduated from OSU in December 2005 and got married in September 2007. We live in an older home with 2 furbabies (no kids yet, but I am in super "I want a baby" mode).  I went to the last GTG and I highly recommend them - we had fun.
  • hi guys!  I'm amanda (duh!) and I'm 28, dh and i both graduated from ou and have been married for 3 years.  i am a sahm with a 4 month old little girl and a spoiled cat.
  • Hi!  I'm not really a lurker, but I don't post a lot on here.  I live over on D&R.  MH and I are both from OK.  We've been married a little over 2 years.  We've been TTC for over a year and are about to start with IVF most likely.  I just finished up my last year of medical school and I graduate in May and I'll be starting my residency in Pediatrics at OU. My husband is a software engineer.  We just sold our first house and close on our new house on May 1st.  

  • Hey! I am a 24 year old 2nd year medical student in Tulsa. My hubbie and I are both from small towns in OK and graduated from OSU. He will graduate in May as a physician assistant and has a job in ortho. We got married in July 06. We currently have super baby fever, which is stemming a lot from our one year old nephew and one more on the way. We have two outside cats (8 and 9 yo) and can't wait to get back to the country.

  • My name is Cati, I'm from MS orginally but have been living in OK, since my Air Force DH and I got married June 05. I graduated from UCO and work as an insurance adj, although once our DS comes in August I'll be a SAHM until we move back home summer 09, from there I'm going to get certified to teach.
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  • I am 25 we have no pets and no kids.  We both are O-State grads (Go Pokes!).  I have my masters in Political Science and my husband is a mechanical engineer. 
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    "Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true."
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Hi everyone!  My name is Misty and Im 27 years old. DH and I have lived in OK our whole lives.  We were married in Sept 2006 after dating for 9 years. We just had our first baby in March.  We also have a majorly spoiled mini weiner dog. 

     Good luck to all those TTC - its truly amazing.

  • I'm a semi-lurker, I guess.  I hang out on the 3rd Trimester and Ecofriendly Family boards mostly and don't post a lot there either.  I am 26 and live in Yukon.  We are expecting our first baby together anytime in the next few weeks (I'll actually be full term tomorrow!) and will celebrate our second anniversary in June.  I have an eight year old daughter who lives with us also.  I am currently a legal assistant but will SAH once the baby is born.  DH installs aftermarket sunroofs and automotive upholstery.  I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life and DH was born here but moved around some before ending up back in OK.
  • I'm Rachel, and DH and I have been married for 2 1/2 years. We have a 5 (nearly 6!) month old named Jude who came 7 weeks premature. He is totally the best thing that has ever happened to us, and we adore him. Otherwise, DH works in real estate, and I am a graphic designer. We enjoy traveling, fixing up our house (that we're looking to sell!), trying new restaurants, and shopping.
  • I'm Mindy, I live in Kansas on the OK border.  I get asked often why I'm on the OK board if I live in Kansas.  Well, I went to college in OKC, and joined the knot's local OKC board, and just 'knew' the nesties here, so I stuck around for the OK nest board. 

    I'm 24, been married since 11-05, and I am pregnant with our first baby, I'm due in November.  I'm a school teacher and my DH works in the mental health field.  We love traveling (I come to OKC quite often), we work on our house, and I love my furbaby black lab Jake.  I check this board at least once a day, and I used to be a live-in on the D&R board, but since getting pregnant, I spend most of my time on the 1st tri board.  I feel like since our housing plans are stalled, D&R makes me depressed.  Silly I know! 

    I'll stop with that, I could go on and on about myself, I love to talk!

  • Hi Ladies!! I will call myself a Lurker as I mostly check out the boards while I am at work and on conference calls. I am 29yrs old and recently graduated from OKCU. DH and I have been married a few weeks shy of 3 years and are expecting our first child together in Nov. 08.  We are pretty estatic.  It was nice to read all of the replies and getting to see who the people are behind the profile pic.

  • I post on here in spurts, but I'm excited about the prospect of a more active board (if I can get used to the new format!)

     My name is Brittany and DH and I have been married for a few months shy of 2 years. We are both from the Kansas City area, but met when we started college at OU in 2002. I'm graduating in a few weeks with my engineering degree and I think I'll eventually go back for my masters in Mathematics and Joe has one more year to go in medical school. We live in Moore and have a 1.5 year old dog, Boomer. We love to travel and we're trying to get it out of our system before we start thinking about kids in the next few years.

    Glad to meet everyone :)

  • My name is Jennifer, and I'm 27. DH and I have been married since July '04. We've been TTC since January so feel free to send some of that baby dust our way (BTW, Congratulations Nulderess!). But for now we've got two adorable dogs that demand most of our attention. We currently live in Moore (in OK most of our lives), but we expect to be moving out of state next summer when DH finishes school. I lurk on a variety of boards (D&R, MM, H&F, BOTB, Travel). I've also been organizing a monthly Nestie GTG so, if you're interested, let me know.
  • I'm Andrea, 30, SAHM of our almost 5-month-old son, Riley. He's awesome and I love being a mom! We'll probably try for #2 sometime early next year.

    My husband just sold out his interest in a catering company he started over 3 years ago and we are soon to open a new restaurant/catering company without a partner. (YAY!!) I am a freelance writer and editor on an indefinite break for motherhood, but I still take occassional jobs if I can't resist the pay. Big Smile I also do part-time editing of depositions for a friend who is a court reporter.

    I'm mostly on the baby boards, visit here once or twice a week, and have just rediscovered the D & R board and am quickly falling in love with it! It's so fun and I'm really, really getting back into our new house now that Riley's a bit older.

     Hooray for the intros!


  • Guess I am a lurker... I used to post on this board when I was a newlywed, but now that we've been married 5 years, I didn't know if I "fit in." I still check this board occassionally, but am usually on the Toddler or 6-12 Month board.

    As I said, DH & I have been married 5 years. We have a son who turns 1 next week - so crazy! We live in western Oklahoma - the same town I grew up in and we both attended college here. I SAH and DH is a police officer. Guess that sums up our lives at the moment!

  • I am Alexa and I have been married about 1.5yrs to my husband.  I am a SAHM to a beautiful son that is 2.5mths old and couldn't be happier!  We also have 3 dogs:)  Oh, we live in the Tulsa area.  Hello everyone :)
  • Hello!  I'm a lurker...very rarely post.  I'm actually on my planning period right now! :)  I teach 1st grade in Yukon.  DH and I have been married almost 3 years.  We just had our first baby together last October.  Our beautie is 6months old and definitely has the whole house at her fingertips.  We also have custody of DH 8 yr son and a 5 yr old son.  We are all enjoying having fun with our new little bundle!   We live in MWC and are looking to move sometime this summer..fingers crossed!!!  Yukon is a super place to raise a family and I can't wait to get back there...and not have to commute!!! :)

  • Hi!  I'm Kellyn, I've been married for not quite 1 year.  I'm still in school - senior in speech path at UCO, starting grad school this summer (on our 1 year anniversary).  We just bought our first home and will move in next weekend!  I normally lurk on the what's for dinner board - I love cooking! 
  • Hi, I'm Sarah and I am 20. Me and my husband will be celebrating our first anniversary on May 6th. My husband is about to graduate computer programming and software development school next month and I am currently not going to school. I have my heart set on owning my own business, so I've decided I need more practical experience than bookwork. Anyway, we have been TTC since October. I got pregnant in December and miscarried in February. We are back to TTC and I'm hoping it will work out much better this time. I'm sure I will be on here a lot more when that does happen.
  • Hello!  I'm Melissa.  I've been married for almost 4 years and have a 3 year old little boy.  We live in Edmond, I've lived here my whole life actually.  I'm a SAHM, but looking for a good part time job.  Anyone know of any?!
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