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Did you go to school in OKC?

Hello my fellow OK nesties! I've never posted over here before, but since we're thinking about moving to OKC I thought this would be the place to go for a quick question.

I'm thinking about transferring to either UCO in Edmond or OCU (we're in the Tulsa area now) and was wondering..did anyone here go to either school? and if you have, would you recommend it?

I'd really appreciate any and all feedback. TIA!?



Re: Did you go to school in OKC?

  • What will you be studying?  I think that makes a big difference on where is better.  I personally didn't go to either, but know some people who did.
  • I actually went to school at OSU and loved it.  As far as the OKC colleges I think the best fit would depend on your major. Call and talk to both universities and the department you be in. Also visit because each one has a different look and feel.
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  • I went to UCO but I don't know much about OCU (to compare them) except I'm pretty sure OCU a lot more expensive. I liked UCO pretty well but I didn't graduate there
  • One of the interns at my work goes to school at OKCU and loves it.  We live near there so for me it would be where I would pick for convenience (I hate to spell that word).  but itf you are transfering then I would talk to a conselor at both school and see which would allow more of your classes to transfer - I am a cheapsake and I wouldn't want to pay for a class again because it didn't have the right name.  G/L

  • I go to UCO currently.  I like it well enough, but I know nothing about OCU to compare the two.  I agree with the others that the choice should depend on your major.  I chose UCO because it was 1 of 2 schools in the state that offered the degree I'm pursuing.  UCO also has a lot of non-traditional students and they claim most, if not all, degrees can be completed through evening classes (after 4:30 p.m.). 
  • I graduated from UCO with a B.A. in English. I really like the school/small classes/inexpensive tutition (compared to others). I know OCU is a private school and more $$
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  • I'm assuming OCU means Oklahoma City Univ., not Oklahoma Christian Univ., right?

    I went to UCO for undergrad and now work at OCU. They are very, very different in terms of atmosphere and academics. OCU is much smaller and more family-like, and UCO is much larger and more impersonal (not that there is anything wrong with that). OCU is also pretty expensive, because it is private. However, there are many scholarships available. Also, admissions criteria to OCU is a little more difficult than UCO.  

    Like others mentioned, your major should play a big part in your decision. I know UCO is known for it's education school, and OCU is known for its music and dance programs. Of course, both offer other options.

    Sorry this got so long. If you have any other questions, just ask.

  • Whoops I thought I included my major, but guess it got lost in the editing process! I'm majoring in Accounting, wanting to become a CPA.

    And yes I did mean OKCU, not OK Christian.

    I know OKCU is more expensive, but with the financial aid and scholarships I qualify for it won't be much more than I pay now - or at UCO. So it's really just the atmosphere and other people's experiences to try to decide which I would like better. I have a campus visit at each univ scheduled for tomorrow (I have a busy day ahead!)

    Thanks everyone for your feedback so far!?

  • I graduated from OKCU this past fall and loved the 1.5 yrs I spent there. 
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