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How often does Ross (Dress for less) get new shipments?

Someone told me every day, is that true?

Re: How often does Ross (Dress for less) get new shipments?

  • Every day wouldn't surprise me, I would suggest asking one of the more knowledgeable employees at your local Ross. Every store might be different.?
  • I worked at Ross for 5 years during college, and yes, they do get shipments in everyday (except for Sundays). That's not to say that everything ends up on the selling floor that day,however.
  • I just love this store:-) I found a pair of Micheal Kors pants today for $25 instead of $110!! I can't help to stop by once a week now.....
  • My business travel secret: Knit polyester tops from Ross (which they seem to have WAY more of than any normal store) are comfortable for the plane, NEVER wrinkle, and don't show sweat.
  • My friend that worked there told me that they put new things on the floor every Tuesday.
  • I have no idea, but I love Ross. Their clothes are so cheap! I bought a lot of things there for my MIL and my mom for Christmas. I also got the greatest bra there. I'm actually wearing it now. It's so comfortable!
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