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Can I dye white candy melts?

I can't find yellow candy melts so I bought white instead, but can I use yellow coloring to dye the melts?  And if so, can it be any kind of coloring or should it be the gel versus the liquid?

I googled it and have found mixed results, anyone here know?

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Re: Can I dye white candy melts?

  • I have no clue.  Did you go to Michaels?  They have yellow.

    But I do know if you add water (i.e. liquid food coloring) to melted chocolate it sucks.  Don't try it!!!

    So maybe do gel instead??  Sorry, not much help.

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  • I've tried and it didn't work out so well. Here's when I tried to make them blue. Didn't work out so well...
  • I dyed mine for cake bites and had no problems. I used gel coloring.
  • I've used the Wilton gel coloring many times with no issues.
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  • I've also done it with gel dye without any problems.
  • Liquid food coloring will make the chocolate seize.  I believe the gel stuff will work.
  • I've used Wilton icing colors to dye white candy melts many times, and never had a problem.
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