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Kinda stressed!

My in-laws are visiting the first week of april and staying the WHOLE week.  they are brining my 17 y/o BIL who is VERY hard to please.  I am stressed they will be so bored... and I wont have enough food to feed them all!

But I am excited b/c mid april my parents are coming for a weekend. No stress seeing them!  All dad wants to do is play poker! ha ha ha

Re: Kinda stressed!

  • GL!  When my IL's decided to get divorced a few months ago, we thought it'd be great to have MIL and BIL move back here from's been one dramatic story after another.  I'm really at the end of my rope...she's a great person, but I can't handle seeing her every. single. day...the way she wants it to be.
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    Any chance that they are "self-entertainers?"

    My mom visiting is easy. I print out a list of all the events going on: museum tours, museum exhibits, talks at UNM, etc. And we hand her a map and teh bus routes/schedules and she amuses herself all day long.

    But I feel your pain!!!
    FIL/MIL are a totally differnt story. All FIL wants to do is go to the casinos. But he expects everyone to go with him. He CONSTANTLY needs attention. I know many 2 year olds who are easier to deal with than him.  And BIL and his girlfriend are even worse - she decides at the last minute she doesn't wnat to do an activity you planned with her. Her visiting is all about HER.
  • ugg, no fun. Maybe you should lend them a car and suggest they go visit Taos or Carlsbad for a couple of days?
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  •  I wish it was that easy! They are here to "see us" and the fact that Dh doesn't work means he will be with them 100% of the time.  It sucks for me b/c on my LATE days at work i am home by 11:30am !!  Ugh.

    The main issue is my BIL he's 17 and well... if it's not an electronic guitar he doesn't care.  He's very quite and moody.

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