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Hey Erin, how was Vegas?  Can you give me some info?  Where did you stay, would you recommend it?  We are going in June for a few days and anything you think I should know?  Did you go to the pool?  I really want a hotel was a nice pool.  What did you do there?  See any shows?  Oh, did you rent a car?  How was that experience?  I know alot of questions!

Re: ChiO

  • Hey, girlie!  How's the pregnancy going?  Vegas was awesome!  We stayed at New York New York and I definitely recommend it.  Of all the hotels we went in, it had the best selection for food and bars.  And, it's close enough to all of the other cool hotels. 

    There is a bus that goes all up and down the strip and bus passes are $2 per trip or $5 all day, do the all day pass and there is a stop every block along the strip.  We walked the first day all the way to the end and back and it was like 7 miles!  So, we got bus passes every day after that.

    Definitely plan to spend a day on Fremont Street, which is the old strip.  There is a hotel there called the Golden Nugget and it is awesome! It's old school, but has this newly remodeled pool and it is amazing!  We were wishing we had brought our bathing suits along and we would have layed there all day.  It looks like the pool at a nice resort, complete with a shark tank in the middle of the pool and cabana beds.  I don't think I'd pick that as a hotel to stay (or any on Fremont for that matter) because they're far away from everything), but definitely go hang out there one day.  Most of the hotels on the main strip had their pools closed since it hadn't really warmed up yet, but they'll be open in June for sure. 

    We spent most days just walking around the strip, shopping and eating.  We went to Madame Tussaud's wax museum.  It wasn't that great, but I guess it's worth it to check it out at least once.  Definitely see a Cirque Du Soleil show.  We saw Zumanity at NYNY and it's the "sensual side of C.D.S.".  It was interesting to say the least.  Very sexual.  I'd probably see Ka or Mystere if you're going to see one.  Unless you want to see a sexy one!  We also saw Folie Bergere, which is the oldest showgirl show, but I do not recommend it. 

    Don't rent a car.   Everything you need is right on the strip and the bus is super easy to hop on and off wherever you want.  Oh, and Planet Hollywood hotel has a nice mall and a really nice casino in it! And, you have to have a buffet at least once while you're there, so check out the buffet (and the fountains for sure!) a the Bellagio....it was yummo! 

    Hope that helps!  That's all I can think of for now.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  This was my first trip and I was suprised how much I liked it.  I am hooked to roullette and I definitely want to go back again soon!

  • The pregnancy is going really good.  Amazingly enough, I'm really not that sick.  I get those waves of nausea and the 'I feel like crap' moments, but who doesn't?  So, I'm very thankful it's going good.  I hope their is a bfp for you in the works very soon! 

    Thanks for the info.  I don't think we will want a car in Vegas, it's just that we will driving to Vegas from San Diego and we will already have one, so I suppose we can just drop it off when we get there and just use the public transportation.  I would like to see Fremont St.  I had a friend go to Vegas last summer and they stayed at the Golden Nugget the whole time.  I'm not sure why since it's not on the strip, but to each their own -  maybe the gambling odds are better?!?
    Jeremy has been to Vegas 3 times, I never have, so I'm just excited to go =)  We will get there on a Sunday and stay Sunday night all day Monday and Monday night and leave Tuesday afternoon, so I won't have alot of time, but that's enough to see the city. 
    Thanks for all recs!  I really appreciate it.

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