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money saving tips

I know this has been asked a thousand times before, but does anyone have some tips or "crazy" things you do to save a buck?

We meal plan, stock up on sale stuff, shop at Aldi for some things, Sam's, etc.  But is there anything else?  Especially when it comes to baby stuff like formula & diapers and cheap entertainment for date night!

Thanks for the advice!

Re: money saving tips

  • I save a ton with coupons.  I get stuff for free all the time by combining a coupon and a sale (like mustard was on sale for $1 at Homeland last week and I had a $ .50 coupon that they doubled).  I also buy stuff like meat and some veggies on sale and freeze them.

    As far as baby stuff goes, we use cloth diapers which is more expensive up front but much cheaper in the long run.  And washing them is really not bad at all!  When I was using disposables I made sure I didn't buy diapers unless I had a coupon and they were on sale and I stocked up when I found a good deal.  if I had to exchange for a bigger size later I figured that was fine.  I also breastfeed so we had no formula cost, and I make most of DS's purees which is much cheaper.  wholesomebabyfood.com is a good resource

    For date nights, we don't really get to do that much anymore, but maybe an afternoon picnic in the park.  I know OU sometimes has free movies on Friday and Saturday nights.  Or maybe renting a movie and staying in.

    Hope that helps
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  • Simple things: take our lunch to work, don't eat out very often, keep lights off in the house when we don't need them, keep the temperature turned up or down depending on the time of year to save on utility bills, unplug appliances/items when they are not in use, online bill pay to cut down on postage stamps.

    We love to rent movies from Red Box (kiosks outside most McDonald's) - it is super cheap entertainment ($1.08 - when else could you and DH see a movie for only $0.54 each??) and you don't feel bad about wasting money if you end up renting a crappy movie!
  • The thing that saves us the most money is not eating out.  I cook dinner every single night.  It's amazing how much money it saves.

  • Thanks for the tips ladies, sometimes I just need to be reminded!
  • check out http://www.babycheapskate.blogspot.com/ for more money saving tips.  I was just reading someones blog that found a coupon for Gerber baby food for 2 cents each (there was no limit either - they bought all that was in the store since they have quads).  Good luck!
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