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I saw in your previous post that you used cloth diapers...I was wondering what kind you used and how many did you intially buy? Is there a retailer in the area or did you order online? TIA!
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Re: ShansBride

  • I use a little bit of everything.  I use prefolds and coves (proraps, literaps, and bummis), flat folds, contours, fitteds, and one-size pockets (Bum Genius 2.0, Happy Heineys, and Haute Pockets--list in order of my favorites).

    I didn't start cloth diapering full-time until DS was 3 or 4 months old.  Until then I was just seeing what I liked diaper wise.  I started out with a few pockets and was set on that until a friend made me try her prefolds and covers and I loved those.  So once I decided I was going to do it full-time, I got a dozen OS pockets, a dozen prefolds, 4 covers, 1 countour, 2 fitteds, and 9 or so doublers.  I then got one extra cover and I had some flatfolds and infant prefolds my mom had from when I was a kid that I use as doublers and if I'm in a bind I use a flatfold as a diaper)  I do wash every third day and hang to dry and that gets me through with spares :)

    I got my prefolds locally, from Integrity Diaper Company in Norman.  It is out of her house, but you can go and look and feel before you buy with her.  Her website is integritydiapercompany.com

    I got everything else online from nickisdiapers.com and she has been great. I just chose that site because she had free shipping on pockets without a min. purchase so I could try them out without paying shipping which I liked.

    I hope that helps!  Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  • Thanks for the info! My DH and mom seem to scoff at my idea of cloth diapering, but I figured I can do it at home and if we go on trips then we go use disposibles. I was wondering about your pockets and covers...say if he only goes pee, are you able to just replace the lining but still use the cover/pocket until it gets soiled? I would think that would help cut back on the laundry.
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  • Butting in to add a suggestion.  We are planning on doing cloth as well and I got great info a while back from Shansbride (Thanks, Jenn!).  I have already stocked up in small and medium sizes (we have already been given insane amounts of diapers from friends and family that we will use during the newborn phase) and bought almost all of my diapers used from diaperswappers.com.  I have saved SO much money and the used covers I bought seriously look exactly the same as the one I bought new.  Be careful, though - finding all the great deals is addictive!
  • I totally forgot about diaperswappers becasue I have banned myself from all cloth diapering websites!  I already have too many diapers and I don't need anymore!  I think used diapers are a great deal.  Especially if you can find someone who was just seeing if they liked cloth and did not!

    Also, you can reuse cover withouth washing them, but not pockets.  I don't know if you've seen a pocket diaper, but basically its a cover (waterproof part on the outside) and on the inside (the part that touches baby's skin) there is fleece which keeps the baby's skin dry, creating a "pocket".  You then stuff the pocket with whatever kind of liner you like (this is the absorbant part and they usually come with a microfiber liner, but you can use hemp, prefolds, whatever you want) and put the diaper on baby.  Once the baby "goes" the whole thing goes in the pail because the fleece is wet.

    A cover is just the waterproof part and you would use a prefold, fitted, contour, etc and then cover that with the cover for waterproofing.  Those you can just air dry or wipe out between wearing and only wash when it gets dirty or smelly.  You can also use wool covers that you can just much more between washings. Hope that helps!
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  • I was going to tell you also that people thought I was crazy when I told them I wanted to use cloth.  But cloth diapers have come a long way since we were kids.  My husband, mom, and sister all change cloth diapers with no problem at all!  And I use cloth 100% of the time.  When we are home we usually use prefolds and covers and when we go out (or if DH or my mom or sister are watching DS) we use pockets.  I have a wetbag and basically the diapers work the same was as disposables, but if we are out I just stick them in the wetbag and in the diaper bag instead of in the trash!
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  • Thanks for the info! I need to come to the next Mom get together and have you show me all the different ways to diaper and types, lol...I'm getting stressed out over all the options. Would you say you prefered the pockets to the prefolds or the other way around?
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  • def. come and see.  I think it helps a lot to see what they look like and touch and feel before buying.  I was terrified to start cloth diapering even though I wanted to do it from when I was pg.  I was set on pockets, but then a friend made me try her prefolds and I actually like those better.  I just use pockets when we are out because they are so much easier.
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  • When is the next Mom's GTG? I work full time now, but as of 8-1 I'll be a SAHM. It is definately something I'm interested in.
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