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I remember you!  I check your blog every once in a while!  Your little boy is getting so big!

So you guys are really moving to Bend in May then?  Whoo hoo!  Has your house in AZ sold yet? 

Re: **Branola**

  • Oh man, I am so bad about keeping up with my blog!  I need to get on that, huh?  lol

    Yeah, we are really moving to Bend!  We decided to not sell our house in AZ, but to rent it out for a while.  In fact, one of the Phoenix Nesties wants to rent it!  Woo hoo!!!  The market here is pretty bad so we're better off just holding onto it a riding out the storm over the next couple of years.

    We plan on renting in Bend for a while.  That way we can get to know the area, possibly find a lot and then build our own home.  We're hoping to stay on the west side, maybe southwest area?  What part of town are you guys in?

    We'll be in Bend the week of March 10th to start looking at rentals.  Can't wait!  Will it be a little warmer there next month?  I'm wondering if I need to go buy some warmer clothes--all of my winter clothes are for 50 degree days.  :)

  • Oh, and that's SO not me in that siggy pic--just being goofy.  Haha!
  • Oh come on!  I know that is you guys in your siggy!  All corny and lovey-dovey!

    That's really not a bad idea to rent out your house!  I bet a lot of people are starting to do that everywhere just because of how the market is. 

    We're on the W/ SW side of town by the Old Mill.  I love it down here, but there is no way in hell we would have been able to afford a place in this area if DH hadn't bought our lot 9 years ago.  Deschutes River Woods is getting to be a hot spot.  It's still a transition area where you can have a beautiful house right next to a dumpy mobile home.  Don't tell DH, but I was looking at lots today online!  He wants to stay in our house forever and I've been planning the next one for 4 months! 
  • You'll have to page me when you come up in March.  We should meet up for drinks!
  • Oh, and who knows what the weather will be like in March?!  It was about 60* yesterday and it's about 40* now.  Hopefully it will be warmer then, but I'd still pack a warm jacket JIC. 
  • You guys are definitely in the area that we would like the rent.  You're right--we're finding that the pricing is a little higher around the Old Mill area.  My cousin and his fiancee are both business owers in Bend and have a house (a little north of you, I think) in the Aubrey Butte area.  Talk about spendy!  Ouch. 

    We are also going to look at some of the new-build developments while we're there.  Do you know anything about Yelas Custom Homes?  I keep seeing their listings all over the Central Oregon MLS, but wonder if they are a very good builder.  Their houses start at about $220K, which seems ridiculously low when compared to what resale homes are going for in the area.

  • I'll definitely page you when we get there next month.  I'd love to meet up with you and finally meet the person who I've been blog stalking.  LOL!
  • Yeah.. Awbrey Butte = $$$  It's rediculous. 

    A couple of areas you might like are Northwest Crossing (http://www.northwestcrossing.com/) and the Shevlin Reserve/ Meadows area (I don't remember the name of the subdivision, but I could tell you how to get there!  Not like that would help right now...).  There are actually a few reasonable homes in the Shevlin area, but most homes in NW Crossing are a little spendy.  However, there are usually quite a few homes up for rent in that area. 

    Do you guys want the typical subdivision with smaller lots or a little more room?

  • I've never heard of Yelas homes before... I'll do a little investigating for ya. 

    Thing is that there is something like 10,000 custom home builders in CO.  Depending on where their homes are I'd be inclined to think that they are hurting financially and they're doing whatever they need to do to move them.  I did see some homes on the south end of town near the highway that were listed for $250k (I think) and that seemed really low to me. 

  • ::butting in::

    Welcome to Bend!  I really like the houses in Northwest Crossing.  Just don't live anywhere near the park.  Teenagers like to hang out there late at night.

    Tiff-  I thought maybe you lived in DRW.  Where do you want to build next?


  • Hi, laidbackgl!  Thanks for the welcome.  It's all very overwhelming trying to plan our move, but I sure am excited!  :)
  • Darn rotten teenagers causin' trouble! 

    Laidbackgl:  If I was to build again.... I think we'd end up in DRW.  I want a little more room than we have now (1/4 acre) so I wouldn't do good in town with anything less than that.  I really like where we are now, but I'm not about to pay $389K for 1/3 acre with nothing on it! 

    Branola:  I still haven't heard anything good/ bad about Yelas.  I looked them up on CCB and that was fine, but they are not a part of the local builders association.  Not necessary (heck, I work for a paving company and we're not even part of it), but I'd say most home builders are members.  The houses are cute though!  I saw a few craigslist ads.

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