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Need help with exterior color scheme

We have a salmon brick ranch style house. We just had a new dimaensional shingle roof put on.  It is grey with some reddy brown in it.  Currently our shutters and flowere boxes are kind of a dark teal green and our front door is white.  Do you have an paint color advice for us?  I have looked all over the Internet for ideas and can't come up with anything.

A couple of years ago, I found the web site of a paint company where you could send them a picture of your house and they would make color suggestions for you...but of course, now I can't remember which one it was.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Re: Need help with exterior color scheme

  • Are you looking to paint your brick, shutters, door or all? What colors do you like? What colors are homes in your area? If you're leaving your brick, I really like the traditional brick home w/ black shutters and door.?

    Check out, and go to their Curb Appeal section...or, watch a few episodes of the show. They often paint brick and come up with some fantastic color combos. ?

  • I know you said your roof has grey and brown in it, so my suggestion is only if it has more grey.  What about black shutters with a red door?  I've always liked the look of black shutters on a brick house.  The red door would be pretty.  It would look something like this:


    Is the brick in this picture the color of your brick?  If not, I might have to change my mind :0)

     Although the red door wouldn't go with the flower boxes....maybe you could paint them black or get some new ones?

  • We will not be painting the brick...just the door, shutters and flowers boxes.
  • my parents' house is pink brick and they have ivory colored trim, doors, etc. if you look in my bio under wedding, there's a close up of the front of the house.
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