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Maternity clothes...

So after my ultrasound the other day, I decided to go look at maternity clothes...just to look...

Well I got freaked out by the saleswoman asking me to try on fake bellies so I left as quickly as possible (this was one of those upscale places).  I mean I know I am going to get bigger but I was not mentally prepared for a fake belly!

I plan on going to Old Navy, Gap, (do they sell their mat. clothes in the store or only online)  and Target...any other places you recommend?  I heard Motherhood Maternity is pretty good/affordable...

Also...what are some "staple" pieces that you recommend? ...

(I have already borrowed some clothes from a friend for when I will need them)

 I'm bummed Ann Taylor got rid of their line...not coming back until October they told me...:(

Thanks for any and all help!

Re: Maternity clothes...

  • jonne!!!! Congrats! I haven't been on in a few days really, I must have missed this! Awwww I'm so, so happy for you guys!!
  • OMG!  I can't believe they have a fake belly, I've never heard of that before!  I too haven't been on much, so belated congrats!  Some girls on the June 08 board swear by the bella band.
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  • Motherhood Maternity has always weirded me out... don't really know why. 


    If you're used to buying new clothes for every season, then I'd get everything... but if you are not (like me!  And, I think, most people) I'd recommend getting basics - a pair of jeans, a couple of things to wear to work, and tshirts and work shirts.  Ask if friends have any you can borrow; that can be really handy, too.

  • Some Targets have cute stuff, the one in Bowie where I used to work had a really nice selection. I think ON maternity clothes are so cute! My mom and I had to take my ex-SIL maternity clothes shopping because she refused to spend money on them and was still squeezing into regular clothes, yea it was horrendous, anyways we took her to Mimi Maternity? I think that's what it was called, we (mom paid, I picked out, SIL has 0 taste and shopped in juniors still) bought her a whole new wardrobe that actually fit her and the clothes were really cute!

    I think there's a Motherhood Maternity at Hagerstown outlets, that might be something to check out, the moms would know better but it's an excuse to go to the outlets :)

  • The sales people at motherhood maternity get on my nerves. They are on you like white on rice while you are in the store and try to sell you things you don't need (bras to sleep in when your boobs haven't even begun to grow).  Honestly I avoid there.  I also think their stuff is over priced.

     Most of my clothes are from 3 places: Old Navy, Target, and New York and Company.  No NY&Co does not have a maternity line, but a lot of their baby doll shirts are cut so you can wear them when you are pregnant and I have their elastic band pants which I am still wearing to work almost everyday at 36 weeks.

     Oh- and I did get some Ann Taylor stuff at Garbiel Brothers for a really good price as well.

  • I would hold off on buying too much- it's hard to know what will fit before you are busting out of your normal clothes.  Get yourself some belly bands (Motherhood has them) they make it possible to wear your regular pants unbuttoned & they stay up.  Also you can do the rubberband trick to make your normal pants last longer too- you loop a rubberband thru the buttonhole and give yourself a few more inches. You want to get by w/o gettng into maternity clothes for as long as possible because otherwise you might end up needing to size up in your maternity stuff.  I bought some stuff just one size bigger than what I normally wear- which was great because then post-partum I was wearing regular clothes and not in maternity.

    I bought a lot of non-maternity clothes at Old Navy & banana that worked as maternity (think blouse-y tent-y tops & empire waists.) I got a cute maternity dress at Target. I carried really high so I was able to wear low rise jeans w/ some stretch that were just 2 sizes bigger than my normal thru out my PG.  (I got blue cults for 19.99 @ BJ's!)

    Lastly- if you have any friends who have had babies borrow!

    no one loaned me ANY maternity stuff, but for our next kid I am totally hitting up all of my mommy friends, because it adds up buying a whole new wardrobe.


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  • Ditto Daisy on the belly bands.  They are helpful before you're ready for maternity clothes, and after baby comes as well.

    The fake belly scares me as well.  I bought one dress when pregnant, at Motherhood (on clearance).  I didn't have much of a belly then, and they were pushing that fake belly on me so much, it freaked me out!

    I bought a lot of staples like jeans, black pants, button down shirts, etc.  I hit up a lot of clearance sales because I just didn't want to spend a lot on clothes that I'll only wear two seasons at most. 

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  • THANK YOU TO ALL!    Haha - I'm glad I am not the only one freaked out by the fake belly!  Haha! 

    This was a huge help!  Thanks again!

  • It seems like Kohl's has a good selection although I don't look too closely bc I am not yet pregnant :)  Good luck!
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  • wow, I have never heard of this fake belly thing in stores!  ack, that's weird!  I'm not pregnant, but have heard good things about this line of maternity clothes (they are pretty expensive, but you should treat yourself!):

    A friend of mine swore by those wrap dresses and MaxStudio non-maternity clothes (which you can get at discounted prices at Filene's or other stores like them).  

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  • Congrats Jonne.  Seems I missed a lot in the week and a half I have not had the internet!  That is so exciting.  When are you due?

    I got my maternity clothes at Old Navy, Motherhood, Target and Destination Maternity.  I really did not buy a lot. I was actually able to wear a lot of my shirts and sweatres for a while.

  • I've mainly been shopping at Target and Motherhood Maternity although I did find a few nice shirts at JCPenny's.  Although, be aware that the maternity section of any store besides an actual maternity store tends to be rather small. 

    I for one was never really a fan of the bella band but that's just me.  However, I do agree that maternity clothes shopping can get rather expensive.  I'm trying to make my non-maternity clothes last as long as possible.

  • here's my two cents....Motherhood sucks. all their pants are way, way short and are cut very weird. its like they think only very short, dumpy people get preg. also, they will sign you up for free coupons and samples, which sounds great, and now I get so much baby-related junk mail. annoying.

    def borrow what you can. my cousins gave me two huge plastic bins full of maternity clothes and i am so grateful I didnt have to buy too much stuff. I did buy some stuff at target and old navy-the old navy in bowie has a decent maternity selection, but not all stores do. some don't even carry it. online selection is way bigger. Gap, I think, is almost exclusively online, I've never seen it in stores. I also bought a few things off e-bay, which were a total steal.

    finally, like someone else said, don't buy too much in the beginning. I bought four pairs of jeans between 12-15 weeks when I was just starting to show and now at 24 weeks I can barely squeeze into them :(

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  • I would wait and just buy things as you need them - I just put away my materntiy clothes and I bought so much stuff I never wore/never needed/never fit right.  I could wear most of my clothes - especially tops - up until about 8ish months.  I really didn't need materntiy pants until 6 months and even then, I could have worn most of my regular pants. 

    I bought a few work things from ATLoft, and lots of things from Old Navy, Target, Motherhood, and JCPenny's.  I liked the Penny's stuff the most; there is a Motherhood/Destination Materntiy outlet at Arundel Mills, but alot of their stuff is overpriced for the poor quality it is - and the worst thing is that its not returnable, so be careful when you buy stuff there.

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  • First of all, congrats!!!

    I know I'm really late, but I wanted to ditto the bella bands & Kohl's.  Just yetsterday, I got a 3 pair of the secret belly fit pants, a tank & a sweater all for $40 on their clearance racks (who doesn't love $4 pants?!?).  Also, the bella bands were a godsend - I managed to make it to 20 weeks without having to buy maternity jeans.  I got some great work black pants at Target (that are actually long enough) and jeans in long at Old Navy (pretty cute).  I also found some non-mat workout capris & lounge pants at Marshalls that had loose, stretchy waistbands, and I'm still wearing them.   Like some of the other ladies said, hold off as long as possible on buying maternity stuff (esp. pants) & borrow whatever you can!  There's a big consignment sale in Annapolis this weekend (google Wee-Sale Annapolis) and they're supposed to have tons of maternity clothes there too.

  • I got a fair amount of maternity clothes at Old Navy.

    I also still wore some of my "stretchier" clothes, like jersey-knit skirts from J.Crew and such.

    I think you need a couple pairs of jeans, a couple pairs of dressier pants for work (I work at home so I was lucky to not have to buy that), and then a few work-appropriate shirts so that you can mix and match.

    Summer is coming, so definitely tank tops, maternity t-shirts, comfortable maternity shorts and skirts.

    I liked pants/shorts that weren't too tight.  Some stuff, depending on where the stretchy panel was, cut into the bottom of my belly.  I lived in empire-type shirts.

  • Oh, and as for sizing...well obviously buy as you get bigger (I bought in stages, every couple of months).

    But I tended to wear the same size in maternity clothes that I did pre-pg, so a medium in regular clothes, a medium in maternity clothes.  Old Navy doesn't have a ton in the stores so if you order online, that helps.

    I'm also a fan of the Bella Band!

    It'll depend on how big you get too as far as what you buy.  I had jeans that were too tight in the belly b/c I happened to be bigger in the belly.  A friend of mine was smaller at 9 months than I was at 4 months so she really didn't even need maternity clothes.

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