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I need your help, BAD! {UPDATE}

Apparently my website has been getting blocked as a "sex" site and I'm trying to figure out how far reaching this is. It just started this week, I don't know why.

If you don't mind, would you try to view my site from work and if you can't then can you tell me what service your company uses.

This could completely kill my entire business so I'm understandably stressed about it. Super Angry


For the record, I have absolutely NO adult content on my site. It's all diapers and baby products and none of the babies are even naked.



UPDATE: It looks like Websense is the main one, and they do have a site review process so I submitted my site. A few other CD retailers said they think it's because of the "licious" at the end, but I don't think that's it. There's been something on the URL since October, and it's just now getting blocked. Also, if you google "licious" you don't get any mature content until page 5, and even then it's not porn. I don't use the word "butt" anywhere on my site except for one brand name, and their site is not blocked by Websense.

Thanks for all your help! I was up sick with worry pretty much all night last night. I do have an alternate business name, but it would be really expensive to change everything over to that.

Re: I need your help, BAD! {UPDATE}

  • You're good from my work (not sure what service we use).
  • Or if anybody has any experience with this kind of thing I would really appreciate it. My web guy has never run into this problem before. :(
  • My company used Websense and because the word "diaper" was associated with fetishes, our IT group had set the controls to block anything with that word in it.  It was a major PITA.
  • Hubby said not much you can do until you figure out which services are blocking you and then discuss things with them. So sorry!


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    ~Little Dude's Lil is on the way~

  • I can see your site.  My employer uses
  • I can see your site (cute, btw!), and I generally regard our web-blocker as one of the worst. I'm not sure which it is, but it blocks Victoria's Secret under the "swimsuit" category-- scandalous!
  • I can view it just fine at work and our office blocks stuff like YouTube and The Onion.  It looks great!!
  • image MrsRosie:
    I can view it just fine at work and our office blocks stuff like YouTube and The Onion.  It looks great!!

    Ditto, my work blocks nearly everything and I can see it.  It's super cute!

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  • You're blocked here for p*rn.  :(  I've clicked it before and it didn't block it, so have you made any changes?  I'm a govt employee.

    On another note- oh my goodness, I completely forgot about the laundry detergent!  There were some major things that happened that week and I feel like my life was in a tailspin for awhile.  I am so sorry, please let me know if I can still get it from you.

  • You're good with my work!
    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • I can see it over here. Very nice site, makes me want to be CDing!
  • I'm not sure what program my works uses, but your site is blocked at my work. it says: Internet Use Policy restricts access to this web page at this time.


    The category "Sex" is filtered.

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