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I miss my mom.

I really miss my mom today.

I miss calling her and telling her anything.

I guess I should mention that she passed away about 7 months ago since y'all probably don't know that.

I just wanted to write that out somewhere. It makes me feel better.

Thanks for reading. :)

Re: I miss my mom.

  • Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. **hugs**
  • I'm so sorry :( 
  • I'm sorry too, I can't even imagine how hard that must be.  :(
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  • I'm so sorry.  (((hugs)))
  • IMFunIMFun member

    I am so sorry!  I can't imagine how hard this is.



  • aw, I am sorry to hear that
  • I can't even imagine the feeling of not being able to pick up the phone and call my mom. I'm so, so sorry.
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  • I'm sorry - these kinda days are rough.

    Hugs Left Hug

  • aw :-( im sorry you're going through this. if you have the courage to do so, you should start a journal of all the fun times you guys had so you can always remember them. i've been keeping a small box of little mementos from my dad (who passed away 3 years ago) and it makes me smile when i go through these items.

     i'll be thinking of you today.

  • I'm sorry Sarah.  (((Hugs))))
  • I'm sorry to hear you are feeling down today.?
  • Im so sorry. I understand completely understand how you feel, my mom passed away 3 years ago & it hasnt gotten any easier for me. if you ever need someone to talk to or vent about it- i know just how you feel! aprilmcnosky(at) mac.com

    one of the hardest things for me was joining the "moms without moms" club. it sucks. ?

    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • It will be 2 years in May that I lost my mom. All of my thoughts, prayers, and hugs are with you too! It's been the strangest 2 years of my life...

    Please reach out if you ever want to vent; I'm right there with you! 

    [email protected] 

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