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Race Ohio Update

We got fourth!!  After winning last year (and almost doubling the number of teams), top 5 was my wish.  We basically got screwed towards the end, because we were 4th, but teams 2 and 3 were only 8 minutes ahead of us.  Then the next challenge, you had to wait for two other teams to complete, and 5 and 6 were 20 and 40 minutes behind us.  So there was no way for us to catch up at the end.  Oh well, it happens.

It was utterly exhausting and my legs are still sore 3 days later!!  Went from 7:45am until about 7pm.  Then, of course, we had to go out and celebrate, which was a lot of fun.

So... the recap... for those who asked!  When we change places, I will indicate it.

1) Met at Easton to receive first clue
2) Drive to Hoover Reservoir - sudden death frisbee golf (had to make par or wait another turn) - 4th place
3) Drive to Inniswood Metro Park and find a clue, based on a phrase that was engraved somewhere in the park - 3rd place
4) Drive to a house in Pataskala - Detour: hit golf ball across lake or try to get a bubble through a hoop
5) Drive to Jo-Ann Fabrics in Heath and buy a gift certificate to give to "Newborns in Need" - 2nd place
6) Drive to Moundbuilder's Country Club and deliver GC to cheering people (SO COOL!!) - 1st place!!
7) Pit stop: Drive to Dawe's Arboretum for 20 minute pit stop - Still 1st, received $20 gift card to Mohawk Restaurant for being 1st
8) Pulled clue that gave us a fast forward to skip next task (they did sudden-death tug of war -- it would have taken us forever to beat someone!!)
9) Drive to Kelton House - supposed to get a tour, but tour people didn't show up.  The teams were pushed into two groups at this point, so we were even with 3 other teams
10) Drive to house in German Village for next clue
11) Drive to Glacier Metro Park
12) Horrible challenge involving water balloons and a 1/2 mile run to get a new balloon when the first one broke.  We all pretty much rebelled and got out of this one early - We're in 4th place
13) Drive to downtown Dublin -- scavenger hunt based on a map and business info
14) Detour: Find specific sign on High Street (it was on a light post) or draw henna on partner and wait for it to dry
15) Pit stop: Find race leader at ampitheatre on Mirror Lake - 3 hour pit stop  [we got cleaned up, changed clothes, and went out to eat with 3 other teams]
16) Drive to parking garage in German Village - this is where we really got behind.  The challenge was 3-team watermelon seed spitting (2 spitting, one catching).  We had to wait 40 minutes for the 2 slow teams after us.  Chris definitely made up time as a former soccer goalie - catching those seeds in record time!  :)
17) Drive to Hilliard - Detour:  Go to Giant Eagle and find a food product based on a clue ("Supermarket Sweep") or go to Mejier and buy a few items to total up to a specific amount ("Price is Right")
18) Drive back to parking garage in German Village and unscramble letters to form a word -- we were right there with teams 5 and 6, but I was super quick with the word, so I got it first to finish us in Fourth!

Re: Race Ohio Update

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